Monday, January 23, 2012

just rambling

About the thirty day challenge:  The purpose of the exercise is to make you aware of your surroundings and your feelings, to get you to live in the moment.  Somebody expressed surprise that I used a picture of the waffles we had for breakfast for my "favorite food".  Here's what you need to know:  I have at least fifty favorite foods.  I'm always talking about how much I love pizza, I know.  But there are other foods I love just as much.  
There is a reason why waffles won out yesterday:  Cliff and I usually have oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast.  I buy the generic brands, so it's cheap and yet nutritious.  I cook proper portions, so our calories are controlled.  But sometimes, probably a couple of times a month, I fix pancakes or waffles.  Cliff prefers pancakes, so that's the most frequent choice, but I love waffles best.  They're a big pain to make and we have to wait between servings for the next one to get done, but oh, I do love crispy waffles.  So on the rare occasion that I decide to make them, at that golden moment, waffles are my favorite food.  
Someone remarked about the plate my waffles were on:  Indeed, that is a really old Corelle pattern.  I've had that set of plates for at least twenty years, and I bought them at a garage sale from a lady who was tired of them, so they were old when I got them.  See, here's something that never happens to me:  I don't get tired of a plate or a pattern!  As long as it doesn't break, I'm delighted with it.  Now, if somebody wanted to bless me with a new set of Corelle Livingware, I wouldn't turn them down.  If you have a set you are tired of, especially if it has blue in it, I'll take it off your hands.  Why blue?  Because it's my favorite color.   

In the middle of the series of posts about how I don't go to church much, I was sitting in my recliner a week ago Sunday.  I looked at the clock and noticed it was 10:30, which is the time a lot of local churches begin their services.  Cliff was on the couch, surfing the Internet on the laptop and I was reading a book on the Nook.  I said to myself, "Look at us:  we're not doing anything productive; we may as well have gone to church."  
So yesterday we went.  We're sorta church-hopping right now.  We'll pick one before long.  It's going to be hard to choose, though, because the three local ones we've visited have all given us a positive experience.  Since we are keeping it local, we see familiar faces.  For instance, yesterday when we walked in the door, there sat the guy who had fixed our furnace twelve hours earlier.  The three churches we've visited are all smaller ones, which means we are noticed, and the people are glad to see us.
Heather says she would like to get back to going to church, so she and our grandson might attend with us.  If they want to make it a regular thing, they can help us decide where we'll be going.  I intend to stay in our immediate community, though.  I'm done with traveling fifteen or twenty miles to a attend a church where I'm invisible, just because they have good preaching and and an outstanding choir. 
 One thing I really like in all the churches we've attended is the casual atmosphere.  Cliff says next Sunday he's wearing his overalls, and he should!  He wouldn't feel a bit out of place, and he'd be comfortable.    


Lindie said...

All my favorite dishes are blue & white. I have two different patterns of Corelle. (Not full sets as they have broken over the years) My mother's favorites were blue & white too.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

There is a local church that I like because the singing is like the modern Christian music. Electric guitars, drums etc.. Really pumps me up for the Lord. Our church tries to do that but comes across rather bland. I like our church but its boring. I think I mentioned that before. Waffles.. oh I love them. I do have a waffle iron but rarely use it. Sometimes when we eat out for breakfast I'll order one.

Midlife Mom said...

I love waffles too but only have them occasionally when on a vacation or business trip. No syrup, just real butter. Sigh,,,,,,,I think I just gained some more weight!


Your last two blog entries are making me so-ooo hungry for waffles, I'm just going to have to make a plate or two, ASAP. LOL I LOVE your plates. That was the exact Corelle pattern my husband had when we met. It was his first set of dishes. We used them forever. We gave them to our daughter when she went out on her own. And then got ourselves a new set. But everytime I see those green flowers, my heart sings. Sounds like you are formulating a plan for picking a church. Hope you find one you can get comfortable with. GOOD LUCK. take care.