Monday, January 16, 2012

Assorted ramblings

My friend Joanna mentioned on Facebook this morning that she wished she had room service so she wouldn't have to get up and make coffee.  I told her Cliff has had room service for years; he always drinks his first cup or two of coffee in bed.  Last week I even gave him a bell to ring, because when he's in bed and I'm in the computer room with the furnace running nearby, I can't hear his feeble morning voice letting me know he's awake.  

This is the week Cliff's Social Security shows up in our bank account, and I am almost trembling with excitement!  The only Dave Ramsey envelope that has any money left in it is the dog-and-cow envelope:  It's a sad day when my dog has more spending money that I do.  I wiped out our clothing envelope by buying shoes and a coat last month.  I think this is the first time that particular envelope has ever been completely empty; we don't spend a lot of money on clothes.  (Those who know me in real life, or who have paid close attention to pictures of me on this blog, are saying, "We know; we could tell.")
Cliff will work four ten-hour days this week, which is going to seem strange.  I don't know if I can remember how to properly assemble a lunch for him to take to work.  Actually, I rather dread it.
I'm hooked on John Sandford books.  I've always liked the CSI shows on television, and Sandford's "Prey" books are a lot like that, only with more suspense and quite a bit of downright fear!
The grandson was here yesterday to check on his wildlife camera.  Last week he drove his jeep down into our deepest canyon with no trouble at all, so he figured there wouldn't be a problem doing it again.  Unfortunately, the little bit of snow on the ground changed things for him and he ended up stuck at the bottom of our deepest canyon.
Heather, his girl friend, was with him when they slid down the hill; he wanted her to sit in the Jeep and steer it while he winched the Jeep up, using chains wrapped around a tree.  It sounded to me and Heather like a recipe for disaster; I told him to wait until Cliff arrived home from Kansas, but he wanted to do it himself.
Heather wanted no part of Arick's plan, so he woke up Tyler, our neighbor, and enlisted his help.  Their efforts were successful.

Thanks to Heather for taking my camera with her and being the photographer.  I can't stand to watch stuff like that; it makes me a nervous wreck.  
This isn't Arick's first rodeo.  Almost five years ago he got in a much worse mess with his truck; you can read about it HERE.  
Oh, Cliff sold the 550 Oliver to a long-time friend.  When he sells a tractor to someone he knows, he always gives them a month to use it and decide if they really want it.  So it's sold unless Don changes his mind.  Cliff's tractor fund is looking pretty good lately!



Had to chuckle about Cliff getting Room Service. Guess my hubby did too until he got his Keurig. Now he gets his own. What a harrowing experience for your grandson. Glad everything work out. Congrats on the Social Security. Enjoy the extra hours and paycheck too. My hubby is trying to find a paying gig. He is tired of being unemployed/retired. He misses the money too. Yippee for the tractor sale. That is exciting.

Paula said...

You have one lucky dog that has more spending money then you. I think I'll check out Susie's pocket book.

Northern AB gal said...

I'm a big fan of Sandford books too. If you like his books I think you will enjoy Harlan Coben's books as well.

Wow, four ten hour days on your own, you could get into a lot of trouble in that time :)

It's a little bit chilly up here these days, temp is stuck at -21F, but the sun is shining! said...

Glad your grandson got his truck out ok..
I would not have wanted to watch either.
There is something special about those grandsons.

Hollie said...

Glad Cliff's Check should up. LOL about the dog & cow money! That's sweet that you serve Cliff coffee in bed! Also nice that you even gave him a bell!