Saturday, January 21, 2012

It MUST be true... I read it in an email!

Cliff has had his email account for a relatively short time, perhaps two years.  I've been on the Internet for fourteen years, so I'm not as gullible as I once was.  
Cliff was reading his emails today and said, disgust in his voice, "Did you see this, about Obama giving free cell phones to everybody on welfare?"  
"No," I answered, "but I wouldn't believe it until I checked it out, if I were you."  
"But this says they already checked it on Snopes."  
"All the more reason you should check it yourself."  
"Yep, somebody puts that in there so you won't check it yourself."  
Cliff really doesn't know how to check things on Snopes, so later on when I wasn't frying catfish, I looked it up myself.  
Cell phones for people on welfare?  True.  
Implemented by the Obama administration?  False.  
You can read it yourself HERE.  
Since Cliff and I lean toward the right politically, most of the political emails we receive are anti-left wing. I have a feeling if we and most of our email buddies leaned the other way, we'd be getting email lies about the Repubs, although why anybody would bother at this point I don't know; they've given themselves enough black eyes all by themselves and don't really need anybody's help.  
Speaking of Republicans, I've turned my back on the Grand Old Party.  Consider me a Libertarian from now on.  

I posted a picture on Facebook of the two cows, Bonnie and Babe, together.  They are girl friends now, and stay in close proximity to one another.  Well, my old pal David latched onto the picture and had his usual fun with Photoshop.  

Donna was suspicious of one of her meerkats... looked a lot like a spy from the city.


Northern AB gal said...

OMG, that's hilarious!!! I like David's twisted sense of humor. And I'm pretty much a libertarian myself:)

Mo Rage said...

I saw that on his Facebook page and naturally loved it. His doctoring of your pictures are now one of the things I look forward to.

Oh, and glad you got that straightened out with Cliff about things you read in emails. They're so frequently/usually loonie.


Love Meercats. That picture with Bonnie, Babe and the Meercats is hysterical. Also LOVED the Maxine cartoon. I need a new bra too. LOL Take care.

kcmeesha said...

you can't get checks from the government and be a libertarian at the same time

Donna said...

Meesha, considering our income bracket throughout our married life, if I could be a Republican all these years... I can surely be a Libertarian now.

Margaret said...

My husband is a Libertarian while I lean more left. We can discuss certain topics, but others we have to stay away from. Like when he bashes unions or government employees, when his wife(a union member who sort of works for the government) is paying his medical insurance and most of the other bills around here. However, I don't say that--just have to bite my tongue!! Most e-mail slams I get come from my righty friends--don't get any from my lefty friends against the right. (although there is plenty going on that could be commented upon!)Glad that you aren't gullible about the forwards-could you talk with some of my relatives?? :)

Lindie said...

I just delete anything political, I even find most of the cartoons offensive. I consider my self an Independent but lean to the conservative side. But I liked your cartoon!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I have a free Assurance wireless phone because we qualify for low income. It sure comes in handy. We don't get reception clearly where I live however. I usually end up standing in the driveway or in the street to get a signal! Funny too because right up the road is a big cell tower but we are kind of in a dip so the signals probably pass right over us. Down in Louisiana my Mom has one right in her neighbors back yard. Too bad they didn't pick hers, they could use the money. My word verification is moopaste. I wonder if that comes from cows?