Friday, January 27, 2012

30 Day photo challenge


Yes, in spite of the fact that I do most of my reading on the Nook these days, I still have some real books.  I try to only keep books I think I might read again, or books that have sentimental meaning to me.  On the lower left are the "Little House" books.  There are a few here that aren't "keepers"; I simply haven't gotten around to reading them.  
Yes, my bookcase is messy.  As I looked at this picture, I realize I need to get rid of some of these.  Maybe I should have a book giveaway.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your bookshelf looks wonderful compared to mine. Not only do I have 2 filled to the brim, but I also have bags full in the attic. One more thing I need to sort out. I did give one of my granddaughters the Little House set.


LOVE it. LOVE it. Whenever I see a bookshelf loaded to the brim with books, I'm a happy girl. ENJOY each and every one of them. I was going to show a picture of mine, with story for my next blog post but will now hold off on that. Great minds think alike. LOL Take care.

krueth said...

Your bookshelves look very similar to mine ha! Love my Little house on the Prairie series too, Some books I just cannot get rid of, and then there are the little paperback Christian romance books that I read and pass on and eventually they get sold on our annual rummage sale. Love my books though and have a stack on my night stand too :-) Wendy

Margaret said...

I love the Little House books. I used to have all the James Herriott books too. I've kept many of my Lee Child paperbacks. (you really need to read the Reacher series!)