Saturday, January 07, 2012

Won't you be my neighbor?

Remember how we have a vacated property on either side of us?  And that I've been wondering what banks owned them?
I found out yesterday, and it was actually pretty simple.  I walked over to each of the two properties and read the notices on the doors of each.  A local bank owns the big house on the west; Bank of America has the one on the southeast.  
So you'd think one could simply call the banks and ask how much they want for the properties.
Oh no.  They have to get a realtor involved, and who knows when they'll get that done.  When that happens, though, maybe you'd like to move next door.  Here's the one on the west:   

The house

The garage

This is where the original house was, the one that burned.

The view from the old house location
The local bank has been doing some cleanup to the house.  It needs a lot more than cleanup, however; it needs extensive repair.  "Somebody" tore up both air conditioners to get to the copper inside them.  Most of the interior doors have been taken out and sold.  Lighting fixtures have been removed.  It's only a five-year-old house, but it's been vandalized.  Add to that the fact that the guy did a lot of the work himself, with questionable hired help, and you realize nobody is going to want to pay much.  It does sit on seventeen acres, which may be the main selling point when it goes on the market.  The acreage is rough, though, and only growing weeds.
We have no desire to own that place.  Now let's move on to the other one:

I guess it qualifies as an earth home.

back yard, with pool
On the southeast is a house that is basically an above-ground basement.  The floors are concrete.  There's no working furnace, and the whole inside is pretty trashed.  The roof needs to be replaced, since half the shingles have blown off.  The back yard is mostly taken up by an abandoned swimming pool that hasn't been touched in at least five years and hasn't held water for two; and around that, little trees have planted themselves and grown into a young forest.  Water for the house is provided by a well.  Bank of America owns this one, so I don't think anybody will be doing any cleanup. 

The one good thing on the property is the pole barn.  This is the sole reason we wouldn't mind having it, if it sells cheap enough.  We'd probably just level the house, because by the time we bought the property we wouldn't have enough funds to fix everything that's wrong with it.

Or maybe you'd like to be my neighbor, fix up the house, and rent the barn to us?      


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that leveling the house and getting the property and the pole barn might just be a good thing for you all. Too bad but there are an awful lot of those type of properties around. It's a good time for someone that can do it to get some nice property for cheap.

Margaret said...

You're right--the property would be the only thing worth any money. Weren't these houses inspected? I didn't think any bank would lend money without a satisfactory inspection of the house. Concrete floors and no working furnace? brrrrr


DEMOLISHING those houses and selling the property alone would make more sense, than selling them as is. It would be GREAT if you could pick up the one with the pole barn. Maybe it'll go real cheap. Good luck with realtors. They are a real piece of work. One recently convinced my daughter and husband who have two children to move into a TWO bedroom house. STUPIDEST thing ever. Take care.

Jon said...

You wouldn't really want me to be your neighbor, would you??
(it looks nice and peaceful out there).

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'll probably live in this house until they haul us off to the old folks home! Hope you can buy the land if you want it.

Hollie said...

Love the barn. That is a great reason alone to buy if it's reasonable. Like you I'd demolish the house!

Hyperblogal said...

Living next door to you would make me reluctant to mess with your header.... pass....

Midlife Mom said...

The way we have obtained so much land is by picking up a few acres at a time over the years. We usually bulldoze down the houses as they are not inhabitable but a couple out by the Hubs office building are good for storage. That pole barn looks good, go for it if the price is right!!!!

Paula said...

John bought his house brick, three bedrooms, one bath, one car garage on the court house steps for $30.000. Of course the fans, door knobs and such were missing. Lots of windows broken and filthy inside. Basically a good house for a resonable price. I'm not sure they auction them off anymore like that.He had to have the cash money within one hour was the draw back that made most shy away from it.

Midlife Mom said...

PS Your new header picture is really nice.

Missie said...

I always hate seeing empty houses. It's like looking at an empty soul. It's a shame they're empty.