Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's happening to our bank?

We live between two small towns; there is a bank in both towns.  We did our banking with the little bank to the west for several years; it's locally owned.  I switched to the bank on the east of us because they offer online banking; I'm a sloppy bookkeeper, and I really need that feature.  If the balance in my checkbook is off, I can check online, see the discrepancy, and correct it before it becomes a problem.  The little bank to the west doesn't have online banking, and I was told they likely never will.   
But the bank we use now is only a small branch of a larger institution, and they appear to be on the verge of closing this location.  They are no longer open on Saturdays.  Weekday hours are 8:30 to 2:30; on Fridays it's 8:30 to 5:30.  
Obviously if you have a job in the city, you're out of luck.  Those hours only accomodate retired folks or people who work the night shift.  It's plain to me that they are gradually phasing out this location, and I suppose you can't blame them.  It's a small town with a population under eight hundred people.   
The bank has a location about fifteen miles to the south and another one ten miles east of us.  I suppose it's no big deal to drive ten miles to do the banking, but our town is sure going to miss the bank when it's gone.

This is an old picture, because the bank has had a different name for years now, ever since they merged with a bigger group.  
Added later:  A friend left a comment saying the other local bank now has online banking!  This is great news to me; when our present bank closes, we will be taking our business there.


David Twente said...

The bank to your west has finally gotten online banking. After many requests, they finally got to where they realized how much they needed it. Its not perfect, but will get better with time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems like every time I turn around there is a bank with a new name on it. We've not had any close around here but they sure have changed names. Online banking is a time saver for many and I've even seen ads on TV where you can deposit a check using your smart phones. Technology is amazing.

nroden said...

I live 3 hours away and now check my account balances with your bank to the west using online banking. I asked them every time I went in when they were going to get it. I have another bank in Springfield but have nearly quit using that account since the bank to your west got online banking, which is convenient with automatic payroll deposits.


So sad about all the banks that are closing. Hope you'll be able to find something to accomendate your needs. It must be tough in a very small town. We have been at the same bank for many years, but they've switched ownership quite a few times. So it's gotten confusing.

Margaret said...

I couldn't live without on-line banking, but I also like to go into an actual branch if there's an issue or I have a question. Luckily, BoA has lots of branches in my area. HAHA

Missie said...

I love online banking too. It makes keeping up your finances so much easier. My problem with banks is I try to stay with the little guy but after a few years they're always bought out by the bigger guy.