Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good reads

For those of you who like to read, I suggest goodreads.com.  You create an account for yourself, then enter titles of all the books you can think of that you've read, and rate them.  As you find other people you know who have a goodreads account, you will be informed when they start reading a new book and what that book is.  You can see their ratings of books they've read, which gives you ideas about books that you might want to put on your "to read" list. 
Also, Goodreads will suggest books for you to read based on what you've read in the past. 
If you have an account, be sure and add me as a friend.  The more people you are connected to, the better it works.  


Jon said...

This sounds interesting - I'll have to check it out. Reading has always been the greatest pleasure of my life. Even more than sex and booze (I just added that for shock value....)

Hollie said...

I'll have to check into that as I love to read!!!

BTW, just wanted you to know that I'm closing my blog down. I just think it's time for a change! I may blog again at some point. If I do I will start a new one!

I'll still be around though! Have a great day my friend!

Margaret said...

I can never remember my user name or password. I think I'm on information overload!!