Sunday, January 08, 2012

About the picture at the top of this blog

I've shared google pictures of our forty-two acres before, but I pick up new readers from time to time.  For instance, one of my lurkers recently emailed me to introduce herself; she's in northern Alberta, Canada.  I love learning about my readers.    
I had Cliff take the picture at the top of my blog during our morning walk a couple of days ago.  We used to walk a mile down the highway to the Lion's Club Park and take a turn around the baseball diamond.  We've since found out that walking on our own property is much less boring.  There are disadvantages:  cobwebs cross our path in some places from spring through fall, and the grass is usually wet with dew, which means wet feet; but it's worth it.  

This is our property from the air.  Our mobile home isn't on this picture, so I placed the red rectangle there to show you approximately where it sits, right behind the barn.  There's a garage next to it that I didn't bother putting it in.  At the bottom of the picture you can see our old two-story house, the garage, Cliff's shop, and the barn.  If you're wondering about the round area, there used to be a round pen there. 
 The elevation here at the mobile home is 883 feet.  At the back of the property, where you see railroad tracks winding by, elevation is 732 feet, a difference in elevation of 151 feet. Just so you know what a climb it is up out of the canyons.
That red arrow is at the spot where the picture was taken.  The tiny red spot north and west of that is where my cabin used to sit.  In fact, you can see the cabin; it's that little speck of white.
Looking at the header picture, you can tell that there's a deep canyon behind me.  The green field is winter wheat.  We enjoy stopping on our walk sometimes and checking out the river bottom.  During flood years, it's covered in water thanks to the Missouri River, which runs along that distant line of trees.  In the fall we'll see the tractors and combines working.  During the winter when the trees are bare we can actually see the river, but it doesn't show up in the picture.    

Back before Blue died, I rode the river bottoms a lot.  He and I traveled over a lot of back roads and secluded places.  

We poked around a ghost farm.  All the buildings there have since been burned.  
Rest in peace, Blue.  

But I'm getting totally off the subject.  I just wanted to give readers some idea of what our place is like.  You can see that not even a quarter of it is tillable; what you can't really tell is how much of it consists of canyons.  In fact, most of the wooded areas are in canyons.  


Varenikje said...

It looks like a lovely place. Where is it? I am in Nebraska. It looks like maybe you are short on snow in your neck of the woods too?

Donna said...

We're in midwestern Missouri. Normally we don't have a lot of snow, although we have plenty of cold temperatures. The past two winters have given us enough snow for ten years. Keep the snow in Nebraska!

Mo Rage said...

I can hardly wait to see what David does with this one.



Northern AB gal said...

Looks lovely, a little bit of everything. I've thought to myself when viewing the pics from your walks that you have some really nice walking trails. Do you have many wild animals around?

Hyperblogal said...

Hmmm... I really hadn't thought about doing anything.... but, now that you mention it......... pondering.....

Forty Pound Sack said...

Your place is pretty. I bet you have lots of adventures on your walks.


Land pic wouldn't enlarge so I could take a closer look. But that's a nice track of land you have. Canyons and all. Your own little piece of heaven. Walking adventures at every turn. You can vary your path and see different places within the confines of what's called home. It's WONDERFUL to have so-oo much privacy too. I would give anything for that here. LOVE the pictures of BLUE. You must miss those rides. Take care.

Cliff said...

We basically live on the banks of the same river. On the flat. The elevation here on the level by our house is 1028 so there is quite a bit of fall from here to there.
The flood water reached 1025 in these parts. That's about 15' higher than anything since 1952. What a screw up by the Corp of Engineers and they're getting ready to do it again. The dams are full above us and the river is running almost empty. Duh.
It's amazing with ground like we have how desolate it looks in the winter (to some folks) yet I love having to go a mile and half to find another human. Our lane is almost a mile long. The down side is the $2500 worth of rock I put on it each year.
The one neighbor of yours looks like a backhoe job for everything except for that nice pole barn.

Missie said...

WOW! Such a beautiful place and how lucky you two are to own so much land!

Midlife Mom said...

Beautiful! Nice seeing Blue's ears again.