Thursday, January 19, 2012

in retrospect

Cliff is leaving for work.  This makes three days down and one to go.  He and I have both been surprised at our lack of enthusiasm for his working, even though it's only for one week a month and only during winter months.  All of a sudden, it's like he isn't totally retired any more.  At least it's only this month and two more; then we'll be back to following our own timetable, doing what we please when we please.  
Cliff said, "Maybe if we needed the money it would be easier."  
Could be.    

I usually avoid anything controversial on my blog; I really felt like I was sticking my neck out when I did the three recent entries about church attendance, but everyone has been very civil.  All three of those entries have been tweeted and shared several times, so I may be getting bashed somewhere on the Internet. But at least it hasn't been here on my blog, and I appreciate that.  The comments have been from all kinds of people:  atheists, church-goers, and people who are spiritual or Christian, but are not church-goers.  There was one person on Facebook letting me know good and well that I am not putting God first  (I already knew that), but everybody has been nice. 
If you missed any of these entries, here are the links:  Entry 1, which was tweeted once and Facebooked 20 times; Entry 2, tweeted twice and Facebooked 13 times; Entry 3, a guest post, tweeted once and Facebooked 6 times; and the last entry, just below this one.        
My readers allowed me to be honest, and those who commented were equally honest.  
I know the church (all flavors thereof) would like to change the current trend of shrinking memberships, but I don't think that's going to happen.  I've seen them do everything possible to get people back in church, with very little result.  I do intend to get myself to church this Sunday.  There are a couple of local ones we haven't been to yet, and we need to try them all before we choose one.  Unfortunately, this is only going to put a couple more gray heads in the crowd, wherever we end up. 

It is my very strong opinion (and we all know the saying about opinions) that religion should be kept out of politics.  Just because a candidate is a preacher doesn't make him qualified to run the country.         

Another opinion:  I'm pretty sure atheists are not going to change the minds of believers, and believers are not going to change the minds of atheists, so we should just enjoy one another's company and try to get along.  



You touched a nerve in me. I agree with you 100% that religion should be kept out of politics. Something wrong about using it to garner votes.

Midlife Mom said...

I haven't read all the comments yet as we are headed out the door to a function but I will when I get home. For my own experience I find that I need to be in church regularly, which isn't to say that I don't miss sometimes, but for the most part I need it to keep me on the right track. I think we need the fellowship of other Christians to helps us grow and to keep us in line when we need it. We have about 180 regulars each Sunday and that's considered a small church here although I grew up in a church of maybe 40. You are so right about young families being tired on the weekend and wanting that time to do errands, laundry etc It bugs the daylights out of me that the schools schedule sports on Sundays which keeps lots of young people out and they just seem to get out of the habit of going to church. Growing up church was our only place to socialize and the planned events whether it be roller skating or special speakers we were there so that we could be with the other kids in town. Now there is way too much for kids to do and they don't seem to need church for their social life. They would rather be mall rats. I like our church, it's not so big that you don't know half the people but not so small that the pews are half empty. We look out for each other and are there when there is a need. I would miss it. Hope you find a church that you like. Oh LOVE the song Bless Be The Ties That Bind, it's one of my favorites! Well that's my two cents worth..

Lindie said...

I grew up going to church with my sister. My dad took us and picked us up or we walked home. My parents didn't go and neither did our 3 younger siblings. I remember coming home from chuch and Sunday school to having to do the dishes the othrs had left for us and being annoyed. We also went to MYF on Sunday evenings and Wednesday night choir practice. I still don't know why we were the only 2. I love the singing in church and the fellowship but seldom go these days. I am alone and it isn't easy to go alone.