Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cliff passed a drug screening today

A reader asked in a comment if Cliff ever went back to work part-time like he was considering doing.  So far, he has not; I think that's great, since we've been having such lovely weather.  Cliff has been outside for several hours each day, enjoying our property.  
He has done some preparation for part-time work:  He signed up with the temp service some time back, and yesterday he received a call from them to come in for a drug screening; his former employers are about ready to call him.  This is rather funny when you realize Cliff worked at that place for almost twenty years, and now he has to do a drug test; but technically he won't be working for his former employers.  He'll be working for the temp service.  
So this morning he made the trip to North Kansas City, assuming he'd have to urinate into a bottle for them.  As you know, where Cliff goes, I usually go.  Besides, there's a First Watch just across the street from the temp place, and I was in the mood for an omelet.  There was a little extra cash burning a hole in the "misc" envelope and it's only a week till Cliff's monthly payday.  I rest my case.  
After breakfast Cliff went inside the temp place and I got in the car to wait for him.  He wasn't in there more than ten minutes.  When he came out, he informed me he didn't have to pee in a bottle at all.  They did a saliva test and got the results right then and there.  
I'm so relieved to know that my husband hasn't been sneaking around doing illegal drugs.  
So we expect that Cliff will get a call to work before long.  He actually misses his co-workers, so if he can work one week a month during the wintertime, I think that would be a good thing for him.  He intends to put any money he makes into his tractor fund, which, according to him, is also going to serve as our "going to Glacier National Park" fund.  
So far we've been getting by fine on Social Security, what with our budget and the envelope system, so none of the extra money he makes will be figured into our budget.  
I haven't had anything new to discuss here lately, but it seems as though every time I think I've run out of topics, several things will present themselves to me at once.  So stay tuned.


nerves05 ( Nancy) said...

I'm glad you guys have had such a wonderful time since he retired. You guys disserve it.
It's funny how i asked about that yesterday, then they called for him to work.
I may have unintentionally wished up a phone call huh..lol
Sorry Cliff..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope that one week a month is all that he gives them and it would be nice to pick and choose when you wanted to work or not too. I've not had a boring moment at my house since I retired and I doubt Cliff will either. There is always much to do.

tipper said...

I didn't know they could do saliva tests-how cool is that : )

Pap had a part time job-and I think it helped him a lot-just to get out and about. But it ended.

Paula said...

Sure glad Cliff tested clean. lol

Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear that Cliff isn't a druggie! Many of my friends sub or work part-time and they love it. It relieves financial stress. I never pass up an omelet or a scramble!