Thursday, January 05, 2012

Motorcycle weather

Yesterday we planned to ride today.  They said we'd have highs around 70, and indeed we have.  Last night, though, I got to thinking maybe Cliff would like to spend this golden day puttering around the farm (I use the term "farm" loosely, because we're not real farmers).  
He agreed that at this time of year there's a lot he can find to do on an unseasonably warm January day.  The thing is, it really needs to be at least sixty degrees before we head out on the bike.  Oh yes, there are lots of folks who take pride in the fact that they ride their motorcycles all winter, but Freezing to death just isn't FUN to us.  So we'd have been waiting until noon or so for it to warm up, and then we'd have maybe four hours to ride.  We've ridden all the local roads until we know them like the backs of our hands, and we don't want to get too far from home because we know nightfall (and cool temperatures) come early.  We'll have plenty of riding weather in the spring. 

  Cliff spent most of the day tidying up a small lot that my readers don't often see:  It's part of the original 6 1/2 acres we bought when we first moved here.  For the past few years it was often used as a horse pasture for the former neighbor's horse.  Horses ruin small pastures by cropping the grass so close in the ground that it dies, and eventually nothing is left but weeds.  Now the horse is gone, and Cliff plans to sow some grass seed there.  As long as it isn't overgrazed, the grass will do well.

The loggers got the biggest tree on our place over there in the direction where Cliff is looking.  The treetop was laying there for Cliff to cut into firewood, and he put the smaller limbs in the ditch.  

A couple of years ago, there was a BIG fire in that ditch.  But I digress.  

That shed isn't on our property.  I wish it was; Cliff could fill it up with tractors.  Our property line is a couple of yards this side of the shed.  I wish I knew who to talk to about that property; it's been foreclosed on, and I'd like to know if it's something we could manage to buy.  

Hey, a person can dream, can't she?


nerves05 (Nancy) said...

You guys have had way warmer weather than we have had down here in the sunshine state.
This isn't right. We want our warm weather
It was 24 degrees last night and only got up to 43 yesterday. I've been freezing my buns off.

Paula said...

John's sister from Alaska has twenty acres here in Texas and she calls it a farm. She even bought a brand new tractor. Guess she has a lot to talk about when she goes home.

Margaret said...

70 degrees in January? I think you-know-where has just frozen over. Our temps have been moderate, as usual. No snow, not many days with lows in the 20s. Most highs in the 40s and 50s.

Angela said...

Your header picture with the hanky sticking out of your pocket made me think of my grandma (hope you don't get tired of hearing about her, but most things make me think of her). Anyway, when she passed I brought several of her jackets home with me. In every pocket of every jacket, there was a guaranteed find:

A kleenex.
And a toothpick.
Both of them most likely used.

I saw that kleenex of yours peeking out and had to laugh to myself.

Beautiful weather you all are having there. We are a bit on the cool side here. Have a good weekend!


70 degrees. WOW what a nice day. And in January. Any grass we plant here never grows. We have big brown spots all over our yard. That shed is very impressive. Maybe you could get that swatch of property for a song since it's been foreclosed. Bet there's information about it online, somewhere. Records of real estate are in our local Recorder/Auditor office. You can see the deeds of property and who owns it. If you're curious. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful to have a 70 degree day in January. It's been very cold in the 20's for a few days but today we are to be warmer and may hit the 40's. I'm going outside to take down the Christmas decorations from the front porch. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!