Monday, February 26, 2024

For better or worse

Cliff has been having spells of vertigo once every two or three weeks for quite a while.  He was given two prescriptions to use until he goes to his appointment for vestibular therapy this Wednesday, and those have been taking care of his dry-heaves and dizziness... until the last time.  

Thursday evening he was getting ready to go to his tractor club meeting when he got terrible dizzy and sick.  The pills did nothing for him.  He missed the club meeting, but what was worse is that he was still dizzy Friday morning.  And Saturday morning.  And Sunday.  I messaged both my churches to let them know I wouldn't be there.  Both promised to pray for my husband.

So for four days, Cliff couldn't safely get up and do anything without help.  If he wanted to go in another room, I stood up in front of him while he stood up.  Then he'd grab my shoulders, or sometimes just hang onto the back of my shirt with one hand, and away we'd go.  I told him I felt like a pack animal.  He's never had vertigo for this long a time, and he has really been getting depressed about it.  Several times he mentioned that he would hate to be living along under those circumstances, so maybe he will appreciate having me around.  Actually, he always appreciates me; he is a good man.

Yesterday evening he still had a little dizziness, but he could walk around without help for the first time in four days.  We'll see what happens this morning when he gets up.  I am hoping he will be able to drive to his appointment in Independence, because I don't drive.  His sister would gladly come and take him, but she's having health problems of her own.  He will talk to his brother today and see if he would be able to take him; I'm sure he'd be glad to, but he and his wife are older than we are and have lots of doctor appointments, so he may not be free to do it.

So that's the kind of fun we've been having.

I planted more things in the garden yesterday:  Onions, cabbage, beets, and radishes.  When I go outside, I take my phone in case Cliff needs me.

I am trying to keep from worrying over this drought.  I do love the sunny skies and warm temperature, but we need more winter!  It isn't about my garden so much as the fact that farmers need their crops to grow.  I don't have to raise my own food, but if the current forecast is right, orchards aren't going to have any fruit around this area.  Yesterday was in the 70's.  Today will be the same.

As you can see, this Tuesday and Wednesday nights are the only time it gets below freezing for the next two weeks.  Oh, and forget those rain chances.  They never happen.  Never.  We just ignore them and go about our business.  Do I have an attitude today?  Maybe so.  In spite of that, I am going to be thankful for another day on this earth, and for this wonderful life I've been given.  

I'm having a great time with rhymes lately:  I got interested in the Gospel of Mark and have written a poem based on Mark chapter one.  I'm still improving it little by little, and if I can ever get through reading it aloud without messing up a line, I will give it to you that way.  I would hope I get it done before Easter, so I can share it with people at church.

My husband is still dizzy, but he is able to walk around on his own, at least.  And I found someone to take him to therapy:  Granddaughter Monica is not working Wednesday, so she will be his chauffeur.


  1. Is it possible that Cliff has an inner ear infection? I've had it several times. The dizziness is violent and mine lasted for weeks, but it usually clears up by itself.
    Cliff should be checked by a doctor. I pray it's nothing serious. Keep us updated.

  2. No, he's seen the doctors recently. They told him to go to therapy.

  3. Hope Cliff will be better soon.

  4. I'm praying for more winter, or at least more rain. I would rather have more rain anyway. We were something like 18" short of our annual rainfall going into winter and despite the one big snowstorm, we're probably still around there. The Drought Index Monitor says we are now in Severe drought, a step down from Extreme which we were in last year.

  5. We got some winter back and I'm relieved! I don't mind the warm weather, but it isn't good in the overall scheme of things. Oh, I hope Cliff gets better from this; it is a depressing and limiting condition. It sounds like the transportation stress is worked out at least.

  6. I'm praying for Cliff to get some help with his dizziness/vertigo. Thank goodness Monica can take him to his appointment!

  7. I went to therapy when I was having so much dizziness. Look up the Epley Maneuver, and give that a try. It helps me when I am having a dizzy spell. I would rather use that than the meclizine they prescribed. The weather has become a daily mystery!!

  8. Praying Cliff’s treatment helps the vertigo. Take care, Sheila

  9. Need update on Cliff. Better or worse?

  10. Need update on Cliff…better or worse.

  11. Oh Donna. I am sorry to hear about Cliff! I'm glad he is getting better, but wish that they could figure out the cause of it. That's got to be awful. Yes. For better or for worse. Sometimes, all you can do is take a deep breath and keep on going.


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