Monday, September 20, 2021

Thirteen things

Things I love

1. Walking barefoot in the soft, dew-covered grass in the morning.

2. The cool morning breeze in my hair and on my face

3. The whisper of the wind in the trees.

4. Hearing the songbirds in spring and the crows cawing in summer and fall.

5. Every full moon; especially the harvest moon I saw this morning, lighting up the yard perfectly.

6. My dog, whose DNA says he descended from wolves, although any self-respecting wolf would deny having anything to do with a full-grown 18-pound Mini Schnauzer.

7. My cats, who descended from lions and tigers, and believe they are still that big.  Egyptians considered them to be gods, and my cats believe the Egyptians were right.

8. Walking on our property knowing there were Indians roaming in the same place hundreds of years ago, leaving arrowheads and tools behind to prove it.

9. Watching all the miracles that happen in a garden, with my help, on a daily basis.

10. Eating food that tastes like the meals my mother cooked.

11. Jersey cattle and the thick, yellow cream they've given me over the years.

12. Tennessee Walking horses and Missouri Fox-trotters that make riding painless and easy.

13.  Memories of my happy childhood


  1. It's so nice to see your list this morning. It's a great day here too. Sunny and warm but not too hot. Tomorrow we'll have rain move in and it's really going to cool off too. Have a Happy Monday !

  2. This is a heartwarming list--very needed right now!

  3. Wonderful list. One that no one could argue with. You are lucky.

  4. A wonderful list.! You are so aware of your blessings!

  5. Those are the best things


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