Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday morning, feeling fine

In my post about the Green Cathedral, I forgot to mention the guardians at the entrance.  I said hello to those faithful guards the other morning and happened to have a camera in my pocket, so I figured take a picture and tell you about them.

I consider this little grove of trees to be the entryway to the Green Cathedral.  Straight ahead, down an incline, is the cathedral.

I walk directly past this tree to get to the cathedral.  There are four dogs buried around it, none of which are mine, although I loved a couple of them as though they were mine:  Titan, a Great Dane; Diesel, a chihuahua that belonged to a friend of the family; Hawkeye, a dog loved by everyone.  He was my son-in-law's dog... sort of a collie type Heinz 57; and Radar, who also lived with our daughter's family.  

I was walking in the dark this morning; when I arrived at this tree, I told the dogs I hoped they were watching over me, so I wouldn't stumble onto a skunk or something.  Then I smiled as I thought of Titan, who was such a clown that he would have gone right up to a skunk trying to play with him and gotten sprayed; I know this because it happened once.  

I didn't even really know little Diesel well, but whether anyone else thinks about these dogs daily or not, I do, because I walk past their graves, and I thank God for our beloved dogs.  There's another place where a couple of our dogs were buried, but it is only marked by a tree stump.  And Sadie, my Frisbee dog, is buried right in the backyard; I dug her grave alone, crying as I did so.  

This morning as I turned back toward home there was pink showing in the northwestern sky.

And by the time I got back to our house, it was fully daylight.

I must go take a shower and get ready for church.  Have a pleasant and blessed day.



  1. What a nice peaceful walk and a chance to visit with your friends. Love that a Dane and Chihuahua share space. I once had one of each and they share the space also.

  2. I love how you commune with nature and chat with the dogs on your walks. Lovely.

  3. I love how you feel about your dogs too! I would have a dog if I didn't live alone and wasn't nearly 86 years old and of course, if my landlady approved of it. Suzanne doesn't want us to have any animals in the duplex. She tolerates the cats I feed because they are always outside.

  4. I love your green cathedral. What a lovely walk to take. Not everyone has a special place like that to visit. Hope you had awonderful Sunday and have a great start to this new week.

  5. As I go around my yard, I always say Hi to my Sammy boy who was half Collie and half lab. He was a wonderful dog. Its so nice to have them nearby isn't it?


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