Monday, November 30, 2020

You'll never walk alone

 Our old Mama Kitty used to walk with me and Cliff on our 45-minute walk meandering through the pasture every day.  I thought it was rather unusual, a cat walking with us.  But it made me smile to think she was willing to do all that unnecessary walking just to hang out with us.

As she got older, she gradually went less distance with us until finally she chose to take it easy and stay home.  It was time to retire, I suppose.  

Cliff can't go for walks now.  It hurts his knees and hip.  I've had to quit several times due to my replaced knee hurting, but I keep trying.  Right now I don't have enough pain to worry about, but when I do, I stop going for a few days until it stops hurting, then try again.  By shortening the distance we used to go, I'm managing a walk, although it's much shorter and slower than what I once did.  But it gets me out in the beautiful outdoors and keeps me moving, and gives Gabe some outside time, too.  

This was taken just back of our house.  I walk straight back into the tree-line right about the center of this picture, then down a gentle slope to where I once had my primitive little cabin in the woods.  

Here's the slope.  It leads to a very steep path that goes down the hill, but I turn around at the top of the path.  No more steep hills for me.

Three days ago, Blue, the cat, decided to walk with me and Gabe.  He had a blast!  He'd veer off 25 feet away from us in the weeds, sneak back up and stalk us, then pounce on Gabe's back, scaring the wits out of him. He's joined us three days straight, so I guess we have another "walking cat".  Maybe that isn't as unusual as I thought.  In the next picture, Blue's color almost matches my shadow.

I shot a very brief video of us walking.  I've never had good luck trying to take pictures and videos of cats.  They don't believe in posing.  The fact that I was walking didn't help.


Blue is a better walking companion that Gabe, because he takes care of himself.  With Blue on leash. it's a chore keeping him in hand.  I can't let him run loose, though.  There are too many creatures that would entice him to chase them, and who knows where he'd end up.

If you can get outside even for a few minutes every day, it's good for what ails you.  If you can't walk for any reason, then find a place to sit outside and enjoy your surroundings awhile.  You'll be better for it.


  1. Love walking outside. Our old cat Kendra used to walk to the mailbox with me. That was the extent of her ambition. Mari is indoors only and if I put her on a leash, I'm sure I would be bleeding from several scratches. I'm glad you have walking companions who love it as much as you do!

  2. I admire that you continue to walk even though it sometimes hurts. I love that your animals walk with you. I sure wish I could have a puppy or a cat. The best I can do is feed these feral cats I feed.

    1. I feel your longing for a puppy or cat. My mom used to live in senior citizen housing before she went to the rest home. In that senior housing, the residents could have one pet, but they had to pay a fee. At that time, I think it was $250. Her dog had died when she moved in, but lots of the people there had a pet. Every once in awhile you come to mind and I pray that somehow you can find a way to have a pet. We talk to our pets! They act like they understand (and often, do). All they need is food and love. I want you to have a pet.

  3. *haha* Blue, in that video, looks like he's saying... "I can run and you can't... nah-nah-nah!!" *LOL* I love your land, Donna. How beautiful! And I agree... simply going outside & doing nothing else except sitting on the stoop for a minute and breathing deep, if that's all a person can do.... is sometimes better than any medicine. ~Andrea XOXO

  4. Yes, I agee there is nothing better than getting outside for a few minutes every day. We have snow here, so walking is getting harder. still I will be going out to get rid of some of the snow. It's good exercise even though I take it slowly. Little by little it will get done.


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