Sunday, November 22, 2020

Petty Aunt Pie

For probably twenty years I've followed a website that is full of anonymous secrets.  We all have secrets, don't we?  Perhaps even secrets we wouldn't dare tell a soul, except perhaps a psychiatrist.  The site is  Sometimes there are things on there you'd rather not be reading about.   Some are very sad, others aren't fit for a child to see.  I don't recommend the site to anyone who is easily offended.  So there's your warning.  I must have missed a Sunday or two, however, because this morning I found an interesting and blog-worthy secret that has been talked about on the Today Show and passed around on Reddit, whatever that is; but I first found it today.

A woman decided to share one of her grandmother's recipes that her whole family has refused to share with outsiders for 100 years.  She felt their attitude was "petty" so she renamed the apple cream pie "Petty Aunt Pie".  Here's what her secret looked like on Post Secret:

Petty defined: 1.  of little importance, trivial.  2.  of secondary importance, rank, or  scale; minor.

I have never understood why people wouldn't want to share a recipe; it's a gift that costs nothing, yet one that is priceless to anyone who loves to cook; I consider it an honor if anyone asks for one of my recipes.

Some of you may have already read or heard about this.  I'm just doing my part in helping a lady get the last laugh on her petty aunts.  Here's the story on the Today website:  PETTY AUNT PIE  

What a story, right?

Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. I have never understood not sharing recipes either. I too feel honored when someone comes to me and requests one!

  2. I was worried about you, couldn’t find you on FB?? Everything all good?

    1. Life is good, I am fine. I'm just weaning myself off Facebook.

  3. That recipe sounds pretty good. I will save the petty pie on my blog so I can find it later.
    I’m going to try it. Have you?

  4. That sounds like an interesting site! I would love to try the pie although I don't want to make it. Pies and I don't get along! I think most of my anti-masker, "Covid is a hoax" Facebook friends are hiding their posts from me. That's probably a good thing. Like you, I've found out some truths about people I thought I knew. Disappointing.

  5. What a story... and a website, Donna. I loved this post, from start to absolute finish. I'm going to definitely try this pie!! Thank you for sharing the recipe. ~Andrea xoxo

  6. Years ago I posted a secret, and followed the site for a while.

  7. I seldom post on Facebook any more either. I have become disillusioned with it...way too many people who believe the virus is a hoax. 250,000 people in America have died from it and these idiots still think it's a hoax. That is Trump's doing. That's what he called it months ago.


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