Thursday, November 19, 2020

Warm and windy

I returned to the cottonwood tree yesterday to lay in the grass and feel the sun as I did the previous day, but the wind was awful.  So, I came back to the house and read.  I'm reading "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" and "Tale of Two Cities", the latter of which is not an easy read for me.  It's difficult to follow the plot because of the out-moded dialogue.  I struggle with unfamiliar words; thank heaven my iPad allows me to hold my finger on a word and get the definition.  Yesterday I was struggling away at it and thought about how the Bible has been translated into modern English; then I wondered, is it possible somebody did that with Tale of Two Cities? 

Yes, I googled and learned several someones have done that.  Unfortunately, it just isn't the same.  I'm going to forge ahead with the original, unless I get totally lost trying to understand it.  "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle", on the other hand, keeps me well engaged, so when I get tired of the struggling with Charles Dickens, I have something else on hand.  There are dogs involved in that one!  

When I'm looking for something to read, I check the New York Times Best-seller Lists from any of the last twenty years.  I check the current list too, but those are still new, so there's always a wait before the library book shows up on my device.  I look at the  fiction best-seller books for whatever year, go to Amazon to see what it's about and what people have said about it.  If it sounds like something I'll like, I check it out of the library.  I don't have to wait for it.   Romance stories aren't my favorite unless the romance is part of a bigger story.  I will sometimes read an interesting biography, but most of them just aren't that interesting to me personally.

I saw on the news that folks are hoarding various things again.  Well, I have a good supply of toilet paper and plenty of baking ingredients, so I suppose we'll be OK.  I was an introvert before this pandemic started, so I don't have a problem with sheltering at home.  When it first began I was bothered that we couldn't go places.  Then our tractor club cancelled all events, and for awhile the churches were closed.  That was difficult, but now I've settled into the routine and really don't care whether we go anyplace or not.  Of course, I am going to my two churches each Sunday now, but we're talking about "crowds" of eight to 25 people in a building meant for 150 souls.  Trust me, it's easy to "social distance", and we are free to wear a mask.  And I feel better for going.

Blue-the-cat is six months old.  I got him for a barn cat because Mama Kitty is getting on in years and needed some help; some folks thought I would turn him into a house cat, but I haven't.  Most times he prefers to be outside.  He's always good for a laugh, although right now I'm about ready to smack him.  I let him in the house a while ago and he's under my chair batting my stocking feet with his claws slightly out; I may have to smack him before it's over.  He doesn't spend much time inside, unless he curls up in Gabe's bed for a nap and I forget he's in here.  

Below is Mr. Attitude, acting like he's a prince.  I think he's the most beautiful and intelligent cat I've ever had; he agrees with me.

Gabe puts up with Blue, but not always willingly

You see how he's distracted me from my blog entry?  It's OK, I don't have much to share anyway.

I'm glad I have four-legged companions to make me smile.  Sometimes my pets make my day.  I'm smiling right now, looking down at Gabe's bed and seeing those two rivals cuddled up together, with Blue purring loud enough to shake the house.  

My wish for you is health, peace, love, and laughter.


  1. I have often said that I like animals infinitely better than I do humans... and the humans I do like are all "animal people". After our feline Mistletoe passed away a couple years ago, I wasn't sure if I'd ever get another pet again. But this past July our humane society advertised a 7 year old "sweet & purring all the time" kitty that was up for adoption. We went to meet her and fell instantly in love... and I must say I never realized that I needed her every bit as much as she needed me. She's my constant companion and her company means the world to me. So I understand exactly what you're saying, Donna. I thank God for the gift of our furry family members. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. I miss Missy, my 16 year old cat, so much. I can't have a cat or a dog here in this apartment. Steve and Suzanne don't want animals in the apartment. I feed four or five feral cats every day once or twice a day....outside.

  3. Edgar Sawtelle, oh oh. We read it in Book Club. Prepare yourself. You already know that I'm coping (not always well) with this pandemic; I'm a social outgoing type, so it's hard to be on my own so much. Reading and the Great Baking Shows from various countries have been my salvation.

  4. I spend most of my days on my back porch. I thought it was going to be warm but there is a cool breeze. I went and and put on a hoodie. Feels better with my ears covered.

    I am reading Yesterday Today— Life in the ozarks by Catherine Baker

    And the secret gift

    Both are written in depression days. Fitting for today.

  5. So far I'm doing OK with the lock down. But then, my mother lives with us too and we have neighbors around us. So ... OK for now though I miss having our families visit and spending time together. Your Tale of Two Cities sounds like a challenge. I tried War and Peace and gave up.


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