Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thanksgiving approaches

I don't know where the time goes, but I was actually shocked to realize it's only two weeks until Thanksgiving day.  This seems like the best place for our family to have Thanksgiving; we'll be in the shop, as usual.  It's heated when we need it to be and there's plenty of room for the kids to play.  

Cliff and I went shopping at Walmart in Richmond this morning so I could get started buying the necessary food items.  I'll have a trial run before the big day, since we're having a holiday dinner at the Baptist Church the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I walked in the store with $116 and left with about $6.50.  However, because one of my slow-cooker lids broke, I bought a nineteen-dollar Crock-Pot to replace it.  The one with the lid that broke was a fancy one that had to be programed after it was plugged in.  If I took it to a carry-in dinner and someone moved it, they'd plug it back in thinking it would start right up; then, when it was time to eat, the food would be room temperature.   I bought it on Amazon at a decent price, but there will be no more programable slow cookers for me. 

On another note:  the settings on my blog won't let a comment show up on any older posts because a lot of spammers and scammers like to post links on the comment section of long-ago posts where I'd never find them.  However, when something is posted on past entries, I am notified by email so I can see what was said; if I approve the comment, then it shows up.  It's a little hard to follow the guy's wording, but it piqued my interest and left me with questions.  I sure wish there were a way for me to correspond with him.  He posted as "unknown" and didn't leave his name.  Actually, he made two separate comments about two different structures along highway 224.  If you'd like to read that particular entry, click HERE.  Then scroll to the bottom and you'll see that two of the last three comments on the story are his, followed by a comment by me, answering one of his questions, although I doubt he'll ever go back to the entry and see it.  By the way, the entry was done in 2013, and you'll see we were riding to Lexington on the 1855 Oliver Cliff recently sold.  

I'm finding it easier to come up with blog posts now that I'm not a slave to Facebook.  I did not close my Facebook account, but after watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, my feelings on the matter have been confirmed.  It isn't going to be difficult for me to distance myself now.  I decided to keep my account because Cliff has made his best tractor sales on Facebook Marketplace, and I'm the one who places his ads.  I could use his account, but it's just better if I'm the one watching for responses to the ads; Cliff often fails to notice private messages, which is how people contact sellers on Marketplace.  And of course, there are the memories that pop up from years gone by, not to mention that I keep in touch with relatives on Facebook, although if any of them need me in a hurry, they'd better call me on the phone, rather than message me.  

Donna doesn't live there any more.


  1. I seldom write anything on Facebook.I have over 100 people I do not even know wanting to "friend" me or wanting me to "friend" them. I only originally opened a Facebook account only to stay in touch with family and real friends. I am not interested in "friending" someone I don't even know.

  2. I used to love FB and still like some things about it, but there are TOO many crazies over there now. A lot of anger, unkindness and misinformation. I get awfully tired of fact checking and being frustrated. Part of the reason I email a response instead of commenting back is that I doubt that many go back to check the same post for a response. I know I usually don't!

  3. You have the perfect place to spread out there for Thanksgiving with having the scop to use. My daughter has suggested we have an outdoor Thanksgiving. We're hoping the weather cooperates. We can build a fire and sit around it to keep warm. Guess we'l have to see how that goes. Hope your new crockpot works just fine for you. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

  4. I am so proud of your strength. I should move fromFB. They made me depressed hating all Democrats, wanting cut their heads off or shoot them. Them is me.


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