Sunday, November 29, 2020

Turkey: Going, going, gone

I hadn't made turkey pot pie for years, so I don't know why it even came to mind, but as I was cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving day, I thought of it, then forgot it. Friday I once again considered it, and mentioned it to Cliff.  "I can't believe you mentioned that," he said.  "I've been thinking about that all day."

That isn't an unusual happening.  The other day we were in the car going somewhere... I suppose to the store, since that's the only place we go any more.  The car we have now doesn't need a key inserted to make it run; as long as the key is in Cliff's pocket, he can push a button and it will start.  I got my eyes fixated on that button that starts the car, with lights up and stays lit when the car is running.  So I asked Cliff, "What would happen if you just turned the car off while going down the road?"

"I was thinking that same thing, just now!" he said, flabbergasted.  I wondered at the time what the chances were for that happening.  I guess we've been married so long, our brains become synchronized; that's a scary thought.  

But I digress.  I decided to look for the Better Homes and Garden cookbook that would have the recipe I always used, and found it.  I had all the ingredients except the half-cup of mushrooms, and that wasn't really necessary to have.  I told Cliff I'd make it Saturday (yesterday).  I think the reason I hadn't made it in a long time was that there's pie crust involved.  Pie crust is the most unhealthy thing you can consume, in my opinion:  Nothing but lard or Crisco, flour, and salt.  Don't get me wrong, I love pie dough.  When my mom made pies, I'd wait around until the pies were in the oven and she'd put the scraps in a pan to cook.  I loved those browned, crunchy, oddball-sized pieces of crust.  I later made them for my children, and now I sometimes bake the scraps for myself.  But I don't like to use it for anything less than a fruity, sweet pie:  If I'm going to take a bite of  the forbidden fruit, I'd rather have it in the form of something sweet and gooey, with ice cream on top, rather than waste it on turkey.

But I did make the turkey pot pie.  Of course the recipe makes enough to serve six, so we'll be having warmed-over pot pie again today, and maybe tomorrow.  I'm glad my husband and I don't mind leftovers.  The bonus is that I don't have to cook anything.

I'll probably get the turkey carcass out of the freezer today and boil it for a couple of hours.  That gives us the makings of turkey frame soup.  Maybe I'll freeze that broth and picked-off-the-bone meat in a baggie and wait a couple of weeks to use it.  There are still some turkey chunks and slices in the refrigerator, although the three cups of turkey I used for the pot pie really depleted it.  It's time to freeze what is left to use later for gumbo or jambalaya.

We do not get tired of turkey.

And now, on to Christmas, which this year will be just another day for us.  Maybe I should go to the expense of sending cards, just so I'd be doing something for Christmas.

I suppose that's it for this entry.

Yours till the ocean wears rubber pants 
to keep its bottom dry.     
(that was a popular thing to write in autograph books, when I was a kid.)



  1. I have that same Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, Donna, and use it often. In fact I've made that same pot pie recipe a bazillion times... it's delicious. Yes, too, about the brain synchronization between married people. It doesn't happen too often between hubby and I because we're wired waaaaaaay differently... but I find it happens all the time between me and my online blogger lady friends. They write about something and sure enough, I was thinking the exact same thing... or doing the same thing... or worrying about the same thing.

    We had a ham and then a small turkey breast too for our Thanksgiving. The turkey is gone and I cut up the ham last evening, down to the bone, and now we're having bean & ham soup for dinner today. And that's the end of Thanksgiving for another year. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. I have some leftover turkey and now that you've made me hungry I think I stop may have to make turkey pot pie. I love having leftovers to heat up later on and that would be a good way to use up the turkey I have. It'a nice yoU AND Cliff think alike and enjoy the same things.

  3. Northern AB gal11:18 AM

    Well crap, I typed a long comment, hit publish and it disappeared into the ether!!!
    Ohhh, autograph books, that takes me for a trip down memory lane. I didn't keep mine, did you?
    Your turkey pie sounds delicious, we usually tire of turkey before it is all used up so I have taken to freezing half of it for another meal. I freeze some of the drippings as well so I have that to make gravy next time. It's not the same but it will do. Besides, I am all about the dressing and I make that fresh.
    I also use the pie dough scraps, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top, it is so good. Another childhood memory.
    How is the tractor hunt going? I think of you every time we pass the JD and Kubota dealers in town.
    Stay safe, just found out my nephew and his family have all tested positive for covid. Right now symptoms are mild, hope it stays that way.

    1. I didn't keep autograph books, but I have my mother's from 1930 or so. Daddy's autograph is in there, and they weren't married at the time. Also some of his relatives that would later be aunts and uncles to me. I convinced Cliff to slow down about the tractor. I told him I was afraid he'd "settle" for something less than he really wanted, so he's still looking online.

  4. I love turkey too and always wonder why I don't have it more frequently. It's quite healthy--until you put it in a pie crust or put a bunch of dressing and gravy on it. :) I'm impressed with how you manage to use everything in new dishes.

  5. I don't cook much anymore. There's just me and I really don't like left overs much...once perhaps. Now I usually eat frozen food..Schwan's mostly. Sometimes I buy some from Walmart. Healthy Choice is not bad.

    1. I enjoy cooking, although if it were just me, I wouldn't cook like I do now; but I would cook. I want to enjoy my food.

      To me, it isn't leftovers if you make it into a whole different dish. I've eaten Healthy Choice. It might make an appetizer for me, but it certainly doesn't make enough of a meal for my appetite. We're all different: Some people live to eat, some eat to live.


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