Friday, March 09, 2012

A toy farm for visiting children

I have a three-year-old great-granddaughter who visits us sometimes.  Long ago I got rid of all my kiddie toys except for one plastic rocking horse I bought for my oldest grandson at a garage sale twenty-six years ago.  I do have several kid-type books, which my great-granddaughter really seems to enjoy.  Still, I felt as though I ought to have something a child can actually play with when she's here.  Something that might spark her little imagination.
Our nephew recently came to visit with his little girl in tow.  Once again I was reminded that we need some toys around here, something to keep kids from getting bored.  
I remembered the farm set I had when I was a kid.  I loved it SO much.  And I started watching for an affordable toy farm set.  
Who knew that little toy farms would command such a high price?  Forty bucks is more than I am willing to pay for something that might get played with once every couple of months, if that.  Ah, but today we were in Orschelns and I saw a toy Bonanza Ponderosa ranch marked down to $15.  
Kids don't know Ponderosa from a farm.  

I put the barn together, and Cliff saddled the horses and figured out who is Little Joe and who is Hoss Cartwright.  He said, "You and I might have enjoyed this when we were little, but I don't think any kids these days will play with this."  
We'll see.  If all else fails, I guess Cliff and I WILL play with it.  I'll be little Joe and he can be Hoss.  Oh, and I get the cow, the calf, and the dog.


Rachel said...

Yay! Kami will LOVE it!

Amy said...

....all the munchkins that come to my house LOVE the Fisher Price house and Little People I still have from when I was a kid! Man....the mileage that thing has gotten....30some years of fun and still going....

ingasmile said...

I think the little kids will like it~ Especially if it is different from the things they play with at home. I have an old ambulance that my husband played with as a child at his Grandmother's house. My kids played with it too when they would visit her.



Your grandchildren will LOVE it. I bought a set of jousting medevil knights for my grandson. He had NEVER seen anything like it in his life. He LOVES his KNIGHTS. LOL I by the way was in love with Little Joe. I'd gladly visit the Ponderrosa anyday. See me blushing still? Take care.