Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Redneck Road

You'd think we'd get used to the places, since we see them every time we go toward Kansas City, but Cliff and I still laugh and shake our heads when we drive the three mile stretch of highway west of our home.  There are some decent homes along this road, but the good places seem to be outnumbered by the junky ones.  On the north side of the road, for instance, is sort of a junk yard.  Only nothing is for sale there.  I guess the guy who owns the place must be a hoarder of big junkie things.  

Some of the stuff has been there so long, trees have grown up through it.

Nice, eh?

Here we have somebody's little vacation getaway on the river.

This house used to be a filling station, long before I lived around here; it is neat and well taken care of by a bachelor who has made it his dream home.  On this tiny lot he has a few tractors, a Ford Mustang, a nice pickup, and several other man-toys that make Cliff envious of him.  His house is small enough that no woman will be tempted to move in and take over.  Sometimes when we drive past, he is sitting out front smoking a cigar with a look of total contentment on his face.    
And now, on the south side of Redneck Road:

Somebody's little piece of heaven.  I neglected to get the pigpen in the picture; it's just to the right of this shot, and houses about half a dozen rapidly growing piggies.

This is right next door to the preceding one.  

This is the porch and yard of a house that's less than twenty years old.  

So now you know why I call that particular stretch of highway Redneck Road.  


Leilani Lee said...

There are several places along the gravel road near our house that are so trashed that they downright scary. People think of slums in the big city but there are also "rural slums" that are even worse, if that is possible. Your bottom photo "looks familiar..."

Joyful Days said...

Redneck Roads can be found everywhere--I always wonder what the "story" is behind places like that. I especially like your description of the bachelor's old filling station. :^)

darev2005 said...

Looks like a good place to build a new banjo factory.

I could find a stretch of road just like that probably less than two miles from my house.


I guess things just got away from them as they collected stuff. Now it's a mess. Makes for interesting conversation. I kind of feel sorry for them. Nice you documented it with your photos. Take care.