Thursday, March 29, 2012


Cliff and I went shopping for a new drill press, since the ancient model Cliff has used for years finally shot craps.  I took my Nook along, so while Cliff shopped for drill presses, I read my latest Harlan Coben book (Live Wire).  However, when he was shopping at Sears, I went in to look at blouses that might be considered decent to wear to church.  Why?  Because most of my "tops" wardrobe consists of T-shirts, and that's a little too casual to suit even me.  
I went looking for mushrooms this afternoon.  I picked up five morels and one tick (that I know of).  
This evening we watched Secreteriat on TV.  I warned Cliff before we watched it that it might make me want another horse; I would never have ended up with Blue had I not read Seabiscuit.  Sure enough, after Secretariat ended I found several very cheap young Foxtrotters on Craigslist.  Cliff didn't seem agreeable to another horse, which is probably a good thing.  
My back is fine.  I'm pretty sure my only problem was the stooping and bending I've been doing working in the garden.  
About Titan:  I guess none of us realized that you are not supposed to walk a Great Dane puppy.  You aren't supposed to play roughly with it.  You shouldn't let it run.  What kind of freak dogs have we humans bred, that you can't play with a puppy?  It's a shame, because he is so lovable.  We'll see how he responds to the meds.  All I can say is, do not get a Great Dane.  They will break your heart.  
Tomorrow looks to be a perfect day for a motorcycle ride.  Let the good times roll!



Never read anything of Harlan Coben. Live Wire sounds interesting. You didn't say... did you find a top or two for church? Sorry to hear that Cliff wasn't agreeable to another horse. I know once these ideas get in your head, you want to follow through. I bet Secreteriat was a GREAT movie, though. Glad your back is feeling a little better. Try not to overdo. It is so sad about Titan. So very sad. A heartbreaker, indeed. ENJOY your MOTORCYCLE ride later. Take care.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hugs, Donna. I know how those fuzzy kids can break your heart ~

hope you get in a ride today

Cliff said...

mushrooms here are usually out the first week in May. I've been wondering if our record breaking weather would bring them out early. You're probably about a week ahead of us so I'll try next week t see. That would be about a month ahead of schedule. Wow!
We have 10 horses. Misouri Foxtrotters mostly. Man I wish they'd (dauughter and wife)would sell some.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here it is Friday morning and I'm reading about your yesterday. Hope you get out for your ride today. It's very cold here, so I don't think anyone would enjoy a motor cycle ride here. We had a freeze warning for last night. I had heard about the problems with those large dogs from others, but never had one myself. Hope he can just enjoy the easy life and live a while longer. Have a fantastic Friday!

Hyperblogal said...

Unfortunately the durability of many breeds has been compromised. Many boxers are born with breathing problems... At least we're not doing that with people........... yet......

darev2005 said...

All I can say is play with Titan and make what time he has happy.

Making a critter happy is one of the best things you can do in life.

Steiner Tractor Customer Service said...

One of the things that helps large breed dogs of any sort is to give them cottage cheese with their food as puppies. Their bones can grow so fast and they don't get enough calcium that they don't get good bone structure.

That being said, even under the best of circumstances, a large breed dog will not be with you as many years as smaller dogs.

It is very distressing. I hope that Titan isn't in too much pain and that the meds help him some. I've known several labs that lived happy comfortable lives with his dysplasia for several years.

How old is Titan? It seems that he must be pretty young or time flies as I've been reading about him on your blog. I think average age for a Great Dane is 7 years.

Lori said...

Thomas went looking for morels today, but didn't find any. I think he's going out again this week, maybe earlier in the day.