Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bonnie and Max come home... FINALLY!

First, my daughter's Facebook message after seeing the doctor:
Just a quickie before my boss catches me on FB at work. :) We still don't know what they're going to do, surgically, and likely won't for a couple of weeks. MRI tomorrow, genetic testing being sent to lab today, and more test results to come. Pathology reports had some stuff we suspected, but a few good surprises, too. It's a 2 out of 3 as far as how aggressive it is, but it's fairly slow-growing. More updates to come. Shhhh! Here comes the boss!

We went to Phil's house to fetch Bonnie and Max back home, after more than a month away from us.  She seemed really glad to see me, and let me pet her nose through the fence.  She definitely lost weight while she was there, not because Phil doesn't feed his animals well, but because she was the runt of the herd and got pushed back from the hay quite a bit.  

  Home sweet home!  Don't worry, we'll get her back to her fighting weight.  She's the boss around here.  

Max, on the other hand, did not suffer any weight loss, but kept on growing as always.  Of course he did.  He had his mother's milk!

Jody and Max were SO happy to see one another, they immediately got into a head-butting contest, just like old times.

Babe was so glad to see Bonnie that she stayed this close to her for a long time, and they grazed side by side.

"I've missed you so much, Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow.  Please, never leave again!"

"I missed you too, girl friend; those cows over there were SO mean!"



Your daughter sounds upbeat and positive. Ready to go to war with this thing called cancer. The news she got isn't as good as it could be, but it also isn't more devastating, either. The fact it's slow moving is a plus. She has to wrap her head around whatever the treatment is. She will remain in my prayers during this difficult time. PS) I am glad to see Max and Bonnie home. They missed you. GREAT photos. Take care.

Jon said...

Thanks for posting your daughter's update. Her optimistic attitude is going to be extremely beneficial.
My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

nerves05 said...

I'm very glad there was some good news in this.
And your cows really do look happy to be home.. How cute..

Mrs. L said...

Your daughter certainly seems to have things under control! Knowledge is power.

Cute cow pictures -- I love the bff shots.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad your daughter found a little good in the news she got. She's certain to make a complete recovery with that great attitude she's got. I'll keep on praying and the good Lord will do the rest. I love the pictures of Jody and Bonnie greeting each other. It's good you have them back together again. said...

How sweet they look. Thanks for the smile:)

PFL0W said...

Wow. Who knew?


thanks for the post and information.

From a city boy.