Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Where I'm from (the latest version)

I am from farmlands and small towns, from Electrolux and home-made cinnamon rolls.
I am from the old two-story houses with a chicken pen in the yard and a big garden, and an outhouse in back.
I am from wild blackberries, the biggest ones that are the sweetest, warmed by the sun.
I am from every holiday spent with uncles and aunts and cousins, from being hard-headed and thrifty, from Clara Stevens and Cook and Allen and Smith.
I am from making it through hard times and knowing God will take care of you.
From "we'll end up in the poorhouse" and "pretty is as pretty does".
I am from Acts 2:38 and vacation Bible school every summer and church three times a week.
I'm from Iowa and Missouri, from fried chicken on Sunday and sweet cream raisin pie for dessert.
From the time Grandpa Allen hit a horse so hard with his fist that the horse went to its knees, from the time my brother went AWOL, and from the way my sister did housework like a grown woman when she was just a little girl.
I am from a music box purchased by a grandfather I never knew as a gift for my grandmother when they were first married; from home-made noodles, and Allis Chalmers tractors.  
I'm from the best of times.



LOVE it from beginning to end.

Margaret said...

Perfect!! Love it.

Joyful Days said...

Oh, I always love these. Makes me want to do another one sometime. This one is very sensory--especially the food!! Makes me hungry!

alphawoman said...

I loved this. I think I did it many years ago on AOL. It's fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Where you are from sounds like a wonderful place to be for sure!