Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice wet Sunday

I've been running out of very essential grocery items lately, and putting off a trip to the store as long as possible.  I think we might have to make a trip today.  Granddaughter Monica spent the night last night, so I promised her biscuits and gravy.  The grandson and Heather (and Titan, of course) spent time here yesterday evening, so I invited them too.  I didn't have much milk in the refrigerator, but I used evaporated milk diluted with water and it makes wonderful gravy.  The toilet paper I bought in early January is now down to the last two rolls, too.  

Before Cliff, Monica and I went to church, I tried to think what I could make for lunch for whoever might happen by; I knew the son-in-law would be working on Monica's car.  Everything I could think of required an ingredient I was out of, but I happened upon a cooked turkey breast in the freezer and ground it for turkey salad.  I boiled the last three eggs in the house to add to it; I must say it was quite tasty.  My poor grandson Arick had six teeth pulled Friday, so he can't eat too many things.  He tried his best to eat a biscuit and gravy this morning but couldn't finish it.  He made himself a milk shake for lunch rather than attempt a turkey salad sandwich.  

The son-in-law is hard at work in the shop.  

My daughter keeps the shop warm for him and sits on the sidelines, giving encouragement.  

We really needed this rain, and it has been coming down gently for two days.  

Iris, my dog, has pretty much taken up residence in the bathtub.  I have forced her out twice today so her bladder and bowels wouldn't burst.  There's no thunder.  She is scared of the tiniest drop of rain.  

Finally I have flowers.  I forget what these are.  They are teeny-tiny.

These have been threatening to bloom for a week.  Finally it happened!


Cliff has stayed inside all afternoon up to this point, but he is now heading out to the shop to assist Kevin.

Monica entertains herself with Cliff's laptop.


Celeste Sanders said...

Nice day

Celeste Sanders said...
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like your rainy day isn't a wash out anyway. It's nice to have some family close by to drop in like that. We have a sunny and warmer day for a change. Rain is supposed to come our way tomorrow.

CountryDew said...

You are very thrifty to come up with a meal like that!

Sonya said...

Love the pictures of all the happenings around there. Hope the car got fixed and the turkey salad sounds wonderful. It was warm here today. I think 68. worked in the yard some. Bradford pairs blooming. Things coming to life. I see the rain headed our way though.


Your impromptu meal sounds yummy. Actually both of them. The biscuits and gravy. And the turkey salad. Looks like work on the car is coming along. It's nice you have a great big place to do it. Everybody looks like they settled in for the day I spite of the rain. Have to chuckle at Iris being in the tub. My cat Mira hears one clap of thunder and she hides under the sofa refusing to come out until the next day. The flowers are blooming, indeed. I think winter's last blast isn't coming. Take care.

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

Hey that rain guage looks pretty cool, you can know how much it has rained durring a storm. Pretty cool. How much does one cost? lol not that I would buy one.....I think I can make one.