Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thanks to my daughter...

This is the John Prine I was privileged to see in person, thanks to my daughter.  It's one of the best gifts she ever gave me.

I see all those memes people do, with questions like "What living person would you most like to meet?"  
I would like to meet John Prine, and then let him do all the talking.  I really have nothing to say to him.  I would sit there, mouth agape, and listen. 
I wish I could play guitar like John Prine, and he isn't even all that good compared to the real pros like Chet Atkins.  
I want to BE John Prine.  
On another note, his friend Iris Dement has cut a new CD that will be released very soon.

Here's to John Prine.


alphawoman said...

Love John Prine. Guess you knew that already. i saw him years and years ago. A small venue in Louisville. I love "hello in there". About a year ago I bought the essential JP. Love it. Did you know he co-wrote "You never even called me by my name"? Love that too. Hell, I just love him (too) (lol).

darev2005 said...

Can you imagine him and Shel Silverstein together?

They could have ruled the world.

PFL0W said...

Thanks for those posts. I hadn't seen Mr. Prine in some time---and I love hearing favorite artists and their music from Austin City Limits on PBS, where that first one was from.

Mo Rage