Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My day

You may have noticed that I'm not doing any in-depth entries lately.  I've tried to add something every day, but there isn't much content.
My daughter has breast cancer.
With that on my mind, there isn't much else that seems important.  
Tomorrow she will find out what stage.  
I am praying.  Not for a miracle, mind you.  I don't expect God to bypass the laws of nature just for me.  Today I am hoping the cancer is stage 1, but it is what it is and my prayers won't change that.  
 Whatever the stage, I will praying that Rachel gets the right doctors, and that whatever treatments she receives that will rid her of cancer.  
You bet I'm scared.  In fact, if I were given the choice I would probably trade places with her, because I've had a good, long life and my children are on their own.  I have enjoyed my grandchildren.  I am blessed.  
But then again, who knows what you would really do, given the opportunity?
I don't have that choice. 

My day was pleasant, in spite of all that.  I got to babysit my granddog, Titan.  He and Iris played for hours and made me laugh out loud several times.  Heather came to pick him up, and we had a nice visit, discussing my tattoo.  (I'll bet you all thought I had forgotten about that, right?)

  I started a new strawberry bed, digging up plants from the old, grassy patch.  I wonder if that will work?  My mom and dad always waited until the strawberry crop was finished and the plants started sending out runners.  They used the baby plants on the runners to start a new strawberry patch.  I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If the transplanted plants die, I'll go buy some new ones; if they live, I have saved some money.  
I'm really hoping it doesn't rain tonight or in the morning, because we plan to bring Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow and her calf home.  I need Miss Personality back in the pasture.  
As is my custom lately, I chorded on my guitar as I sang a few songs.  I have lovely callouses on the fingertips of my left hand and am ready to sing any time I have the opportunity.  


Pat said...

Donna, my thoughts and prayers will be with Rachael and her entire family tomorrow. I pray God will comfort her while she's with the doctor, and things don't look so bad. Hang in there, and remember your friends will be thinking about all of you.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Mom. It'll be OK. I'm too dang mean for cancer to beat me.

Paula said...

Wishing Rachel the best.

Joyce Rector said...

Donna 2 years ago my middle daughter, had surgery they found cancer. 6 weeks later they did a 2nd surgery & they got it all. She is still cancer free. My prayer for Rachel is she has the same outcome.

Carlene Noggle said...

Donna, you can bet that I am praying....and will continue to pray for Rachael...and you too...because iknow how bad we mama's feel the pains for our children in our hearts. I know that Rachael is a strong young woman, as strong as her mama and she will not give in without a fight. Like I said, I AM PRAYING AND WILL WEAR GOD'S EARS OFF WITH MY PRAYERS FOR YALL. I love you my friend.

Margaret said...

I have been navigating the cancer care system for a year and a half, so if you need my help or anything else, let me know!! I am there. xoxo

Rita Mosquita said...

Anything is possible when it comes to cancer. Why not ask for a miracle? I had a cousin who was the first survivor after contracting Hanta virus. Prayers were going on all around the world.
Hoping for the best for her.


I know you are worried. Trading places would be my choice too. Life sometimes dishes out MORE than we anticipated. Your daughter is in my prayers. take care.

Lisa said...

Sending lots of good vibes your way, Hugs Lisa

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying too that the cancer is at stage 1 for your daughter and that all will be well for her. May the dear Lord give her strength, healing and hope for the journey ahead of her and guide the doctors caring for her.

Sonya said...

You guys are in my heart on my mind.

nerves05 said...

Your such a good loving momma!
I'm praying for you guys big time.
I'll be thinking about her all day today and sending good thoughts her way.
Rachel is such a strong chick..
I'm positive she's got this whipped!

krueth said...

Thoughts and prayers going out for your daughter today as she finds out her results. Wendy

Debbie said...

All of you are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers for the best possible outcome now and in the days ahead.I'm at a loss for words, just know I care and my heart aches for each of you as you face this challenge.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hugs! Thinking of you and Rachel. This is going to be tough but you and Cliff can do it and so can Rachel. I'm glad you live close to her. My Mom was in Louisiana and I flew down to see her right after my mastectomy. Praying..

Amy said...

I bought a lone strawberry plant just for fun....and lo and behold, it gave me a strawberry! Then I think back to when my grandma had a huge garden and strawberry patch and realize I am completely

Joyful Days said...

Prayers for health for your daughter. Prayers for peace of mind & heart for all who love her. Prayers for wisdom and compassion for the doctors and health care workers who will be caring for her.

Barbara said...

I'm shocked to come back around blogger and see this. My heart goes out to you and Rachel. And pardon me if I do pray she receives a miracle. - Barbara