Monday, March 05, 2012

Small town stuff

No particular reason for sharing this except that I like it

Our weekend was a good one.  The daughter's car, formerly known as the Smokin' Hot Neon, is back on the road after the deer incident, but still having some problems.  She's had it in the shop a couple of times, with Cliff trying to help her fix things.  One problem seems to be unfixable:  the left headlight aims way too high, and because the car is mostly plastic, there doesn't seem to be a way of bending things to get it right.  Rachel was concerned about taking up so much of her dad's weekend, but as I told her, every day is his weekend now and it isn't that big a deal.  My sister-in-law Rena and I just go sit in the shop with our dogs and watch the action, which makes it a family gathering.    
The grandson and Heather showed up yesterday to do some target practicing.  Later on they went to the river bottom to shoot, with more friends.  They found cops there, waiting to catch some local boys riding unlicensed four-wheelers and dirt bikes down there.  My grandson called and warned the boys.  It's a small town; young folks watch out for one another, knowing they may be the next ones doing something mischievous and needing a heads-up.  
It's none of my business.  

A couple of weeks ago, Cliff advertised his prize tractor, the one he so laboriously restored, for sale.  He put what he thought was a ridiculous price on it.  Over the past week he has received quite a few calls, and today a guy is coming from St. Louis (200 miles away) to look at it.  I think Cliff is a little nervous now. 
Here's the "before" picture.  

Here's "after".

I'll let you know if it sells. 

A couple of perplexing things concerning my blog lately.  First of all, the entry right below this one has been tweeted four times and shared seven times on Facebook.  For the life of me, I can't imagine why anybody would think that entry is interesting enough to share.  Maybe it's the kittens?  
The other thing is this:  When I checked to see what websites bring people to my blog, I found THIS BLOG was sending a reader or two here every day.  Yesterday I finally found out I am listed under blogs he reads.  Now I can't imagine what first drew him here; my daughter suggested maybe the entries I've done about them doing so much shooting in the pasture.  
You will now find his site listed under "links" where it says "I link to him because he links to me".  
Linky-love, don't you know?  If you love guns, I imagine you'll like his blog.  I don't think many of my readers are gun nuts.  
And that's your report from someone living about two hundred yards off Redneck Road.


nerves05 said...

I'm sending good luck wishes on the tractor sale..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love what you said about every day being like a weekend. Isn't that the truth. I still keep thinking that someday I'll wake up and find out retirements all been a dream. Glad your daughter is still able to drive her car and hope all the kinks get worked out soon for her.

Midlife Mom said...

Cute cat and kittens in one of your back posts. Are you going to keep them all? Yes, I bet you will be glad to have Bonnie back home, I can't wait for my boys to come home but it probably won't be until sometime in May. :o( Got the creeping crud so am trying to stay away from Dad, he sure doesn't need it. My brother has taken him to the neurosurgeon this morning, will be glad to hear what he has to say. I got a lump in my throat thinking about Cliff selling his 'baby'! Glad you took off the darned Blogger thingy, it's a pain but I know we have to use it if spam comes our way. Doesn't sound like the kids were doing anything too serious riding their four wheelers, I would have tipped them off too. Did you see where Roxie the beautiful mare that Stacy Westford rode in reining passed away? I sat here and bawled.

darev2005 said...

Some days I look at some of the people who link to me and think "What the snap? Why... never mind." I'm just glad there are people still reading my nonsense, no matter where they come from.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thank you very much for the mention and the link; you are most kind.

What drew me to your site? It wasn't the shooting. If I remember correctly, It was tulips. I was googling a question about how deep freeze temperatures affected early bloom tulips and I believe one of your posts popped up. I hung around since because I find your posts to be either fun or insightful.

Best wishes,



It's nice your daughter had her dad to help. I had a Neon a few years back, so I was routing for her to get her car back on the road. Hope the tractor sells if that's what Cliff really wants??? Interesting the people who stop by and visit. Does make you wonder what attracts them. take care.