Friday, March 02, 2012

A couple of things

My photographer friend and fellow blogger (hyperblogal) keeps entertaining us with his photoshop tricks.  Here's the latest:  
He suggests we keep the grandchildren away from the garden this year.  

I went with Cliff and his sister Rena to Jefferson City today, to visit their Aunt Gertrude in the hospital.  She is there to try and get her asthma under control.  They are giving her steroids intravenously, and that causes her blood sugar to soar... even though she is NOT diabetic.  So they have to give her insulin to control the blood sugar.  
Rena went for a walk in the halls with Aunt Gertrude.  

Maybe it's my imagination, but I notice a HUGE family resemblance here.  


Paula said...

Good luck to Cliff's Aunt Gertrude.


LOVE the archaeological dig. Lots of stuff buried in your yard, ey? My hubby had an Aunt Gertrude too. Hope yours is feeling better soon. take care.

nerves05 said...

She looks alot like her Aunt.
Hope Aunt Gertrude feels better soon.