Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noodles and mashed potatoes, and why they work well together

Now remember, I did not say it's a healthy meal.  Neither did I say we were going to eat noodles and mashed potatoes every day.  I never fix noodles unless we have company, usually grandchildren.  My ex-daughter-in-law came to eat noodles with us last Saturday.  This is allowed, because she is the only person in the world who actually wants me to come and live with her if something happens to Cliff.  Trust me, that would be a disaster for both of us.  But it's nice of her to keep repeating the offer.  
And now to explain why noodles and mashed potatoes are a good combination:    
Before I make noodles, I boil some chicken, take it out of the broth and remove the skin, debone it, and toss it back in the pot.  I  usually use three or four chicken leg quarters, but the amount doesn't matter.  Just so it's enough to make delicious chicken broth.  Please don't buy that chicken broth you get at the store that comes in cans or boxes; it doesn't hold a candle to home-made.  
I add enough water to make a LOT of broth, because broth is what makes the mashed potatoes so good when you put the noodles over them.  My oldest granddaughter, the picky one, is the noodle addict.  She doesn't like the broth at all; she takes a slotted spoon and gets noodles only.  Unless there is pumpkin pie for dessert, she eats nothing but noodles, no matter what else is on the table.  
Because of the amount of flour used in the process of making noodles, the broth thickens up almost like gravy.  I'm sorry you northern folks don't understand why anybody would put noodles on their mashed potatoes; I will be sure and not make any mashed potatoes when I make noodles for you.  But let me warn you that without potatoes, the broth is going to run all over the place and soak into any other food on your plate.  It will be a mess.  Have fun with that.  

By the way, what kind of grandma worries about carbs or calories or rules when she is cooking for her grandchildren?  Sheesh.  It is the parent's job to keep the children healthy; it is GRANDMA'S job to spoil them.

My mom's noodle recipe is HERE.  You will find me sharing my noodle memories HERE.


Judy Dingus said...

Your nostalgia makes me nostalgic! My grandma and my mother made noodles just like yours, same method too. Brings back great childhood memories! Oh, and I, too, like my noodles on mashed potatoes! Love your blogs!

gmthiel said...

I'm not saying I "wouldnt" eat noodles over mashed taters, I would. It's just that in my mind, a meal should have only one "main" starch. IE: Taters, noodles, corn etc., these are "main" startches in my finite mind. Oh, and dressing too. But having two at one either you're starch loving, or it's a holiday. I love taters and gravey and noodles that have sucked up the gravy would be divine. Someday I will try to do this. Maybe my sister and I can do this when I go to visit her this summer. thanks.

Mrs. L said...


ingasmile said...

That's how I grew up eating them too!


I NEVER in my life had the combination of noodles and potatoes. BUT the way you describe it makes PERFECT sense. SOUNDS yummy. Just the way COMFORT food is supposed to.

Lisa said...

You make me miss my grandma. She was one hell of a good cook, lol.

darev2005 said...

Well Miz D I have to admit I have never had noodles and mash taters before. Never even heard of such a thing. But it sounds completely yummy and I believe I'll have to go see your recipe and give it a try!