Thursday, March 08, 2012

This and that

We got a half-inch of rain last night, and now my radishes are up.  
Today I received a road map from a Canadian reader, and also a temporary membership card from AAA.  
I have spent at least five hours reading.  Not on my Nook, but on the Ipad.  Here's the thing:  If I want to get a library book for the Nook, I have to check it out and download it on the computer, then connect the Nook to the computer and transfer it.  When I am done reading a book, I can delete it from the Nook, but I have to come to the computer to actually return it so somebody else can check it out.  Kindle and Nook should get with the program and cut out the middleman.  With the Overdrive app on the Ipad, I can check out and return books right there on the Ipad!  And now that I am getting used to using it, I think that I, like Cliff, prefer it.  It's larger, the pages turn faster, and you can read it in the dark.  
The guy who is interested in buying Cliff's restored Oliver has recovered from his cold and is planning to come on Saturday.  If he finds it to his liking, he says he will probably buy it.  I told Cliff that since this guy lives in St. Charles, which is about five minutes from where Cliff's youngest sister lives, at least we will be able to go visit his 1855 when we're in St. Louis.    

No big adventures today.  All is calm, all is bright.  I have been working on getting the callouses back on the fingertips of my left hand so I can strum my guitar for longer periods of time, and I've been trying to refresh my memory of the tunes of some of the several songs I wrote years ago.  There is one called "Patchwork Quilt", the tune of which I cannot recall for the life of me.  Since it was one of my favorites, I'm pretty frustrated about this.  Maybe I will wake up in the middle of the night sometime with full recollection of the tune.  I can only hope!    


PFL0W said...

Before you even said that, it was my thought--that it will just come to you.

I think you're right. Songs are like that, I think.

Mo Rage


I LOVE reading on my tablet too for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus the fact it's backlit and I can read it in bed with the lights out. I'm dealing with health issues here, sorry i haven't been commenting. TELL me I did NOT miss you singing and playing guitar. The link won't work to take me to that page.