Friday, March 02, 2012

Tornado at Branson, from someone who was there

A facebook friend of mine happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time this week.  I asked her permission to share her story and pictures on my blog, and she agreed.  Lila is the person who maintains the website for one of my childhood home towns, Eagleville, Missouri.  

Well that was a lot of fun!!!....Went to Branson Tuesday afternoon to help my sister Carrol move to a nursing home....Found out when we got down there that she couldn't move in until Friday!...Saw half of a music show, found a place to eat at 8:50 and ate while all the crew stood around with their arms folded waiting for us to get done & get out of there so they could close. 
Went to our room at the Angel Inn, a block south of "the strip" & went to bed about 11:00...At 1:15 were rudely awaken with the tornado alarms going off. A few minutes later, WE WERE VERY ALARMED to hear the roof being torn off of the section of the hotel we were in & it being blown all around & landing on several cars parked in the parking lot. It pretty much demolished them! Our pickup was parked on the other side of the building....Of couse the power went out, and then the water started dripping from the ceiling all over the room. So with the help of Bob's penlight he carries in his pocket, we managed to find our clothes, get dressed, throw our clothes in the suitcase, and ventured outside in the heavy rain...There were some of the hotel's generator powered security lights on by then. The stairway we had orginially used to get to the 3rd floor was filled with glass & twisted metal, so had to find another one. We feel very fortunate, and praise God, that we escaped without a scratch! Needless to say I never want to see or hear another tornado!!!

There was a lot of devastion; several hotels; theatres were severely damaged or destroyed.....But Branson says they will come back sronger than ever! Carrol lives on Bee Creek Rd. north & west of Branson so thank God she was safe from the storm!

They were in one of the first set of double doors you can see on the far right.


Margaret said...

That is horrible! I would be terrified. I'm glad your friend is OK.

Paula said...

So glad your friend is safe. Hope she never has to experience another one or anyone else for that matter. Must have been so scary.

Jon said...

I'm glad that your friends escaped "without a scratch".

Branson has a special place in my heart because I went there many times when I lived in Springfield. I even have realtives who've stayed at the Angel Inn.
Branson has weathered many severe storms, but I don't think it was ever directly hit by a tornado before this. At least not one of this magnitude.

darev2005 said...

Glad your friends are okay. When I heard about the tornado I went and looked at the path it took and was pretty sure that the trailer we used to live in was right in the destruction path. I am so glad we moved out of there when we did!

Hyperblogal said...

Yikes. It's only the 3rd and we've already set a nationwide record for March tornadoes... I don't care for this trend.


Branson is dear to my heart. Have fond memories of my time there. I hope things get cleared up and back to normal soon. So sad when something like this happens. Glad your friends are okay. Mother Nature is kicking up her heels and causing havoc. It's going to be a horrid spring if it continues. Take care.