Thursday, March 15, 2012

Report on my daughter

Rachel did an entry about what we know so far, on her blog.  You'll find it HERE.  

I've shared this before, but I didn't have a family member with cancer at the time.  Now I'm studying on it again:  What do you say to a person with cancer?

I receive inspiration and smiles from things I see on Facebook sometimes.  Stuff like these:

Yes, I know it should be "breathe".  People who make this sayings and put them on pictures should really learn to spell properly.

Oh, and this one, which I'm sure is the reason my daughter is keeping her sense of humor through trying times:  

On another note:  to the people who are leaving these pamphlets for my oldest granddaughter at her place of employment, do you REALLY think this is going to influence anyone to go to church?  Please!  What a turnoff.


Lisa said...

Lots of warm thoughts and prayers heading your way, Hugs Lisa


I like the last one most of all. Just PERFECT. I know what your daughter faces isn't easy. But she has you and the family to see her through it. My prayers are with her and you as you confront this... battle plan in hand. Take care.

Margaret said...

Hard to know what to say to a person with cancer and many don't do it very gracefully. But if it's done with love and support, people with cancer(and their spouses!) can forgive a lot!! Hope that Rachel finds out lots of positive news. This is the hardest part when you don't really know anything specific and there is no plan. A plan will be good!! said...

I am sorry you and your daughter are having to go through this.
Suzanne Somers is a breast cancer survivor. Her webiste should have some information.
Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way.

Leilani Lee said...

I often wondered why we had to go through what we went through, coming eventually to realize that perhaps God was preparing us to help others as a result of our experience. And now, wouldn't you know, words seem to want to fail me. Do not give up hope! Do ask for a miracle. Try not to chew on the worry. Find promises in God's word that you can meditate on. God is there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've had several people in my family with cancer and the best thing I think I could say is I love you and I'm here for you through it all. Some people take offense at too many sympathetic words, others need them. I learned that each had their own way of dealing with it. When my son went through it, he said that he didn't know how people got through something like that without their faith that God would take care of them. Not everyone looks at it like that. As moms we never want to see our children hurting and we can't fix this kind of problem at all so I learned to pray a lot. Being a mom isn't easy no matter how old our children get. Sending lots of Love and Hugs your way today!

patsy said...

all best wishes for your daughter. I esp. want to wish you all the best since I have some idea as to what you are going thro'.