Monday, March 19, 2012


I just finished a page-turner of a book by Harlan Coben, "Tell No One".  There were twists and turns in the plot right to the last page.  Wow!  

Today I got to thinking about fleas, and wondered if my barn cats had them; cats are notorious flea magnets.  I'm not really sure what people do for fleas on cats, but I went out and checked them.  I was pleasantly surprised to find no evidence of fleas on Mama Kitty or her babies.  They all have white bellies, so fleas (or their leavings) would show up if they were there.  
I'm amazed!  I wonder what keeps them flea free.  
The kittens are starting to act like they're glad to see me when I hover over their nest now.  

Mama Kitty is hard to photograph:  She will either put her tail in the air and walk away from me, giving opportunity to catch a good shot of her rear end, or else she comes quickly to me and rubs against my leg, which of course makes it impossible to get a decent picture.  
It takes a cat of a certain disposition to work its way into my heart, but Mama Kitty has managed to do it.  She isn't pushy.  She stays away from the house.  If I want to pet her, she allows it, but she doesn't insist.  
Here's to Mama Kitty.  May she have a long, good life.

Oh, here's something:  Don't let anybody tell you that Obama is terrible because he took the red, white, and blue colors out of the Oval Office.  Only one President used red, white, and blue in the color scheme of the oval office, and that was Bill Clinton, who had a rug in those colors on the floor.

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton (that rug is hideous)

George H.W. Bush
Of course, since I got this information from Snopes, I imagine some people will assume the pictures are doctored.   
I'm not a huge fan of President Obama, but I don't really enjoy seeing lies circulated about him.


Mrs. L said...

Do not use dog products on cats to kill fleas. Cats cannot tolerate them. Way too strong for cats. Do not use ANYTHING on kittens under six weeks.

Usually cat flea shampoos have pyrethrins, which is a milder insecticide made from chrysanthemums.

DO NOT confuse pyrethrins with a manmade insecticide, PERMETHRIN, which will kill cats.

Also avoid any flea powders with Carboryl -- it changes a cat's brain chemistry from friendly to vicious.

I worked on one of Purina's line of cat/dog flea products. I wish I'd known about the Carboryl sooner -- it really affected one of my favorite kitties.


I'm surprised your barn cats do NOT have fleas. Who knew being out and about doesn't attract those pesky varmits. I will say, I was recently in a bathroom at a restaurant and on the BRIGHT white tiles saw those little bitty fleas jumping about. Good thing my pants weren't down around my ankles yet. I hightailed it out of there. Not itching and scratching, so I did NOT bring 'em home. LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad your cats don't have fleas. They say with such a mild winter they will be bad this year here. I know my daughter says they have put meds on their dogs already and one of my sons says they put it on their cats too. Snopes is wonderful for flushing out the truth. I try to check it out regularly so I know what's going on. Really everyone should check out what they are reading we shouldn't accept that because someone says it that it is true. It's to be beautiful here in Ohio today. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Ms Martyr said...

Julian, California has large colonies of feral cats. I managed to bring home a flea after a visit there even though I never touched a cat. Not exactly a great incentive for tourists to go back there.
As far as Snopes - I'm sure you've seen the rumors that it can't be trusted because its run by liberals. What's a mother to do?

Calfkeeper said...

That's funny, I just finished "Tell No One" last week. Coben is a great writer. I have only been disappointed in one of his books that I read.

Donna said...

The rumors about the snopes people being in Obama's pocket are lies. You can go to other sites (mythbusters, truth or fiction, and all of them) and see it debunked.

Margaret said...

Yes, that blue rug is hideous!! Glad to have the more muted color schemes. I'm also happy that you are a snopes and fact check type person--ME TOO. I want to dislike people for what they actually do, not other people's lies about them!! ;)

Lori said...

Mama Kitty appreciates all you do for her; she respects you and your boundaries.