Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There are a few controlling people who hate the fact that I have a blog (dare I mention inlaws?).  
You know, the type of people who think that if they're scared to death to do something, everybody should be scared.  One of them recently had a conversation with Cliff about my "problem".  (Chuckle)
I'm sorry, I won't live my life letting fear keep me from doing what I love.  You go shopping, if that's what you want to do.  I will blog.   
Do you realize how much I would miss out on, if it weren't for my blog?  I don't meet a lot of new people in person.  I don't drive, and Cliff and I don't travel much.  But I have "met" so many wonderful people through blogs!  
In fact, the Internet in general has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  For one thing, it got me back in touch with one of my favorite former coworkers, Jessica.  The one born in Arkansas to hippie parents.  
Last Saturday the local grandchildren, plus a couple of other people, came here for noodles (a family tradition in this house).  The only other food I fixed was mashed potatoes, because most of us like to put our noodles on mashed potatoes.  No green vegetable.  No dessert.  Just noodles and mashed potatoes, because that's really all my grandchildren cared about.  As I was making the noodles, I posted this picture on Facebook:
Among the people who asked for the recipe was my little buddy, Jessica. 
I mentioned that when you make noodles this way, you really need a child unrolling them.  I remember unrolling my grandma's noodles for her.  
Yesterday Jessica tried my noodle recipe for the first time, and posted a picture of her daughter unrolling the noodles.
 I knew by the picture that those noodles were perfect, and Jessica confirmed that.  I think this makes us relatives.  We are more than blood sisters; we are NOODLE sisters!  Noodles are a family tradition.  

Here's a picture of my real-life sister making noodles with her great-granddaughter at Christmas:

Don't you just love family traditions?  And don't you love the Internet, where those of you who aren't scared of your own shadow can keep in touch?  

Speaking of family traditions, I think Noodle Day may become a monthly event.  


gmthiel said...

I sent my sister your noodle recipe. She told me that her husband told her he remembered his grandmother making the noodles that way and he helped her. Same recipe.

Mashed potatoes with noodles??? was this a "carb" feast? I think it's strange when people eat potatoes and noodles at the same meal. But, that's just me, remember, I'm a yankee...LOL that's what they remind me of down here where I live.

patsy said...

I don't under stand why they are afraid of the net and you bloging. When I first started I was a little afraid of posting but soon got over that.
what would it be dangrous unless you let it be dangrous like meeting people for romatic reasons or such.
you have talked about people visiting you in your home that you have meet on the net and I might not do that but you have Cliff and that is a help but I might not want them in my home unless I was really sure of who they were but I guess you are sure.
anyway it is no more dangrouse than the person next door.

Lisa said...

Ever since you posted you made noodles I have wanted some, lol.

Margaret said...

I agree--I've met so many wonderful and supportive people through my blog!! (hope that my SIL never finds it though) I have never made noodles in my life. Looks fun though.

Jon said...

Fortunately, none of my relatives are opposed to my blog - - but I have a strong feeling that several of them think I'm crazy.

As for noodles - I love them!


I think Noodle Day should be a monthly event. Those photos of your family making them is priceless. To answer your questions in order... YES I love family traditions. And it goes without saying I'm CRAZY in LOVE with the internet. Where would I be without all my blog buddies? I love you guys. Each and every one. You've all extended the hand of friendship and have taught me so much. But believe it or not, my mother will not get online at all. She doesn't trust it. And none of my other relatives want their photographs on my blog under any circumstances. Such is life. I shall enjoy my time here without them. And you should too. ENJOY!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Noodle day is a wonderful tradition to have. I make mine the very same way and have a grand daughter that loves to help make them too. We don't live close to each other but at least once a year we make noodles together. Homemade noodles are wonderful! I know some who think blogging isn't the thing to do too, but I agree, blogging is fun and I wouldn't miss a day unless I had to. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Amy said...

I remember years ago when much of my family talked some serious smack about me and my SIL being on the internet. pfft. Yes, fine....I sold my soul to the internet. Moving right along, though.... ;-P

Amy said...

wait.....did I miss the recipe entry?!

Hyperblogal said...

Shoot, my family saves my blog posts to use at my competency hearing.

darev2005 said...

Hmmm.... I'm sure there must be a Home-Made Noodle Day. If not, as Keeper of the Odd Holidays, I shall declare one.

Steiner Tractor Customer Service said...

As a Yankee, I think this noodle and potato thing is beyond my understanding. Do you actually put the noodles on top of the potatoes? Is there some sort of gravy? I live in the tourist town of Frankenmuth, Michigan and we eat buttered noodles and mashed potatoes and gravy at the same meal (with Frankenmuth Chicken Dinners), but not "with" each other.

Paula said...

Amen on both counts. I've been without internet for several days and had to resort to cleaning house.

Lori said...

Yes, to both questions.
And I think Noodle Day is a wonderful idea. Someday I'm going to try to make your noodles. I have never made home made noodles!