Sunday, December 16, 2007

My mom's noodle recipe

I decided to show you my mom's recipe in her own handwriting. She wrote this at some time during her stay at her final residence on this earth, a nursing home. For some reason she had changed amounts of a couple of key ingredients from earlier years, and I corrected those to make it match the recipe I know so well. Dementia affected her toward the end of her life; and of course she hadn't actually done any cooking for some time. So that could account for the discrepancy. In case you can't make all that out, here's the recipe as I have it on file on my computer.


4 Tablespoons butter
½ teaspoon salt
2 cups flour
¼ teaspoon baking powder

Work together.
3 eggs,
3 drops yellow food color
4 tablespoons cream

Mix all together. Add water if needed. Knead into a little ball, cover with bowl and let rest for 20 minutes. Roll out and cut.  

That's how my mom gave the recipe, but I would tell you to mix the dry ingredients, then work in the cold butter.  I think that's what she meant, she just didn't put it like that.
When you make noodles, be generous with flour when you are rolling them out; keep plenty under the dough and plenty sprinkled on top.  Otherwise when you roll the dough up, it will stick together.  I like to make them several hours ahead of time and let them dry on the counter or table.  


BarnGoddess said...

those old handwritten recipes are always the BEST.

I saw you post below and I hope your big dinner went well. I bet the food was great.

My favorite holiday dish is noodles! and of course, fruit salad, pecan pie...

Celeste said...

My granny could not remember any of the measurements of her fruitcake. I had to come up with it.

Sonya said...

Oh that sounds good.
I was wondering what kind of noodles you were making when I read your facebook status.


Sonya said...

I will print out and put these on the list to make!


Love the fact it is written in your mom's handwriting. makes it even more special.