Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

That's the moon this morning, seen through the window above my kitchen sink.

My daughter called to my attention the fact that Google Earth has updated the maps in my part of the country. Above, you see my home-sweet-home: The silver-gray roof is our barn. The big red roof is Cliff's shop; the smaller red roof under it is the garage. The reddish roof below that is our house. Across the driveway, that long, slender thing is the mobile home where our renters live. And the circle behind it? It's the round pen, built only last summer!

And this is our Christmas card for this year. I also wrote a poem to go with it:

No big events have happened in this year that’s almost gone.
If I should tell about our lives, it’d likely make you yawn.
We ride our motorcycle every time the weather’s right;
We take along a picnic, cruise the roads and see the sights.

If there’s a point of interest, we will stop and take it in.
You’d be surprised at the intriguing places we have been.
We’ve toured historic Bothwell lodge and wineries galore,
And Civil War memorials and old depots, and more.

At home, Cliff putters in his shop. I often ride my horse.
We aim to live in such a way that we won’t have remorse
For chances that have slipped away, or things we wish we’d done:
We’re living life full throttle, and you know, we’re having fun!


Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful poem! I just love it and it sums everything up!

Merry Christmas Donna, Cliff and Blue!!!

BarnGoddess said...

Merry Christmas!!

the moon was beautiful this morning.

Robbie said...

Love the poem! Merry Christmas to you and yours.