Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet Fawteen

Maybe you won't agree with him; I'm not sure I'm with him 100%. But for the most part, my buddy Fawteen has things pretty well figured out:

Click HERE.

I met up with him on a silly tractor message board. He's just one of many Internet friends I'd make sure to meet, if only Cliff and I could afford to travel way up northeast to Maine.


Fawteen said...

Donna, I'm honored that you found that interesting enough to link to it.

The link you used is to my old site, with all the annoying pop-ups and such.

The new location for that is at

Midlife Mom said...

I linked over to fawteen's when I read he lives in Maine. His town is about 45 minutes from here. Have you read his skunk story? It is a howl! Thanks for putting this on so I could read about a 'neighbor'! I love the song Higher Ground too. The words are amazing. Words to live by.
Your dog looked like he was getting pretty 'sick and tired' of you snapping pictures of him trying to sleep! lol!! Very cute!!