Saturday, December 29, 2007

We visited Libby

I can't say I was really impressed with the progress so far. I realize the weather has been bad, and Sammi hasn't been able to work with her every day. But I couldn't tell that she had taught my filly much. This could be one of those "you get what you pay for" deals; if so, it won't break the bank around here. Also, Sammi and her mom said Libby was doing great yesterday, and both seemed somewhat surprised at how she acted out today. So maybe she was simply having a bad day.

We shall see. At worst, I tossed some money away. Libby isn't harmed, I just don't see that her behavior is any better than it was before.


BarnGoddess said...

awww dang! I was hoping to see some good pictures of Libby. Oh well. Maybe next time. Hopefully today was NOT libby's day and she was just acting up.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've just been going through that with a friend, that you get what your pay for thing, especially when it comes to horse trainers, I'm afraid. But if no harm is done, that's a good thing. That wasn't the case with my friend. Now her horse is afraid.

But horses do have bad days just like people so it might be too early to tell if she's learning or not. I wish you luck.

Astaryth said...

It may be Libby was being a normal brat. It's almost always that way with kids and animals. They know their manners/tricks just fine until there is an audience... particularly an audience you -want- them to look good in front of.

It may still be that you are 'getting what you pay for', but give Libby a chance... she might surprise you.