Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas stuff

Cliff and I started putting on weight around Thanksgiving, like everybody does. The past couple of years we've done fairly well getting through the holidays, knowing that we need to take care of Cliff's heart and keep weight off my compromised knees.

This year, I'm sorry to say, we haven't done so well. I haven't even gotten on the scales lately, nor has Cliff; because we know the news won't be good.

Where he works, they had their "goodie day" yesterday, where everybody takes finger food and sets it out for all to consume. Normally I tell him I don't want to see any of it, because it isn't good for us. For some reason, I told him to bring some goodies home this year.

Well, you should see it. Chips, and plates of summer sausage and cheese. Candy and cookies.

Luckily two granddaughters will be here this evening to help consume the spoils. Also luckily, I'm sure their parents will be glad to take some of this stuff off our hands. If the grandson shows up, I know he'll assist. Although sometimes we don't see him on weekends, even though he lives here.

I sure do dread getting on those scales, but at some point after Tuesday, it has to happen.

We're going to go visit my filly, Libby, at the trainer's today; I'll take my camera.

Although I linked to my favorite Christmas post on my other journal, I'll put it here also for my strictly Blogger friends; it was done three years ago on AOL: Click HERE.

I've had a copy of that movie on VHS for years, but last week I bought it on DVD as a gift for myself; now I go right to my favorite scenes and watch them, any time I'm feeling down.

Because it truly
is a wonderful life; sometimes I just need to be reminded.


Midlife Mom said...

I hear where you are coming from with the goodies and weight gain. I have been inundated with fudge and cookies and have eaten way too much of it. I don't make fudge so I admire anyone who can make it and you don't have to eat it with a spoon! Anywho I am calling it quits after Tuesday to see if I can get some of this pre-holiday weight off!!!

Stacey said...

Aww Donna, no worries, you'll get through the holidays just fine and you can take it all of in the Spring!

Thank you for your words of encourgement today, I need that, and yours were very helpful to me. xoxo