Friday, December 21, 2007

I rode my horse yesterday

The world is a wet, mushy, muddy mess indeed, which takes a lot of fun out of riding a horse. But I had only ridden Blue one time, I think, since Thanksgiving. My knee was causing me such pain that even that one ride was cut short.

So I had surgery two weeks ago, and had my follow-up appointment with the doctor Wednesday. I'm in much less pain now, so hopefully this surgery will get me another couple of years before I'm forced to have a more drastic operation.

I didn't ask the doctor if it was OK to ride, because I was afraid she'd put me off another week or two, and with the weather forecast they're giving, it doesn't look like I'll be riding this weekend... or any of the coming week. Blue is a gentle boy, and I figure if I'm OK to walk around, I'm good to ride.

Blue seemed happy to be on the road again, even with the slipping and sliding he was doing. I started to ride him to the river bottoms, but when we got to the shaded part of the road leading there, it was covered in ice where snow had melted and frozen back. No way!

I was out less than an hour, but it felt so good to be on horseback.


Midlife Mom said...

Hey that's great you got to ride!! I'm jealous! We're supposed to get up into the 40's next week so I may be able to go on a ride too. Right now there is way too much snow and where there isn't snow there is ice. Of course we can ride in the indoor arena but that is do darned boring!

I wish all of you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

lisa said...

I can certaintly appreciate the feeling of riding. I myself have not ridden my Morgan mare for several weeks due to rainy weekends over and over again. We too in Kentucky have muddy muddy everything but I hope to get a ride in during the holidays, if nothing else but inside the pasture!

Lisa from Kentucky

Toni said...

I'm glad you got to get out and ride him, if only for a short time. Have a most blessed and Merry Christmas, Donna. "See" you in the new year.