Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks, Kelly!

Trouble with this award, which I received from Kelly, is that the rules say I'm supposed to pass this on to seven other bloggers, and I don't want to do that. Many of the blogs I read have already received it anyhow.

All of the blogs I read are real blogs done by real people; otherwise I wouldn't waste my time. So, if you know I read yours, go ahead and take this award with you and post it in your sidebar.

Also, some of the bloggers I follow wouldn't really waste their time on something like awards and memes anyhow (you know who you are). And not all the blog authors I enjoy have any interest in my ramblings, nor the time to read them.

Just take this award and run with it! Display it proudly. Each one of you deserves it.


Pamela said...

Well said! I agree with you 100%!

Paula said...

I agree. I think every blog I read is very good in it's own way. I find it very hard to pick and choose a few so I didn't do it either.

Lilac Moons said...

You are my first blog every morning I read with my wake-up coffee.......I enjoy your life and your take on things.....I like reading how Cliff, Rena ,Sadie and Blue are making out.....I'm surprised you don't have more awards....... You are very entertaining.......What was the ending story of Libby?
Read you in the morning
Gresham, Oregon

Muhd Imran said...

CONGRATS! You deserve your award.

"Real blogs done by real people." That is my interest too, the reason I blog and read other people's blogs. Ramblings about daily lives and experiences... my favorite blogs to read.

Lisa said...

A wonderful award and I agree, I love all the blogs I read and wish I had time to read even more. Each one I encounter is fascinating. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Celeste said...


Kelly said...

Your welcome, and you deserve it. :) For those that don't know, I owe Donna a big thanks for getting me into this wonderful community a few years back now. I really enjoy journaling and I enjoy reading so many journals too. It was hard to pick, but I tried to pick folks that didnt have the award yet and hopefully it will make the rounds to all deserving folks. :)