Sunday, January 03, 2021

Maybe some readers can help me out on a project

When I get up in the morning, usually at three or four o'clock, there are several things I do, not in any certain order.  My first priority used to be coffee.  My stomach started giving me a fit a year or so ago, so I quit drinking the stuff.  I'm still taking one omeprazole daily, so the first thing out of bed I take that.  After the pill, I'm supposed to wait 20 to 30 minutes and eat something.  If I'm hungry, I'll eat some breakfast, which I spread out over three hours.  If I don't want to eat anything substantial at that time, I'll eat 3 or 4 saltine crackers.  Then I'll have a cup of tea.  

This is all leading to something that matters, so stick with me here.  

I go to my library's website and from there, to the Kansas City Star, which is free to me that way, although a little tiresome to read when one only has 5G Internet... but what's time to a cheapskate?  Usually after that I read the One-Year Bible's daily portion and take time to pray for those who are hurting.  And I pray for forgiveness for my wrongs, because boy, do I need it!  

Lately I've been going ahead and doing a blog entry before Cliff gets up.  Considering it's all drivel, you'd be surprised how long it takes me to do one blog entry.  It's always an hour at least, and if I'm adding pictures or links, it's longer.  Today, following my prayer time, I had an idea.  Because of the timing, I'd like to think the idea was God-given, but I wouldn't swear to that.  I don't want to attribute something to him that I might make a mess of.  It would make him look bad.

Out of nowhere I thought about my left-hand writing, and how much I'm improving when I use the skill often.  I usually write down recipes, or something from the Bible.  That isn't doing the world a bit of good, but it is starting to feel more natural as I write with my left hand.  

I need a pen pal!  So I googled pen pals and found many sites; there are people all over the world wanting pen pals.  But I was reminded how much spam and scamming there is on the Internet, and how you don't really know who you're dealing with online.

I would rather write to someone I know is real.  What if I called a nursing home and asked for some people who would enjoy getting letters?  That would work, but then I wondered if any of the readers of my blog might know someone personally who would like to get some mail.  I like that idea best of all.

Maybe you know someone who doesn't have many relatives or friends left on this earth, someone who thinks he or she is totally forgotten.  If you know someone like that who never gets any mail, submit their name and address to me and I'll send them a letter.  Please don't do this in the comments:  My email address is, and that's where you can tell me a little about the person and tell me the name and address.  

Not all lonely folks live in a nursing home, so if you have anyone who would like me to write to them, let me know.  If I get swarmed with emails, I'm not sure how I'll handle it.  I can't even promise I'll get around to writing to every single one.  I'm still pretty slow at writing with my left hand.   

Now I'll make a true confession:  My mom was in a nursing home a hundred miles away for several years, and she would have loved getting letters from me; all I ever sent her was a card once in a while, on special occasions.  She loved to get letters, and answered them as long as she was able.  I should have written to her at least once a week, but the thought never entered my head.  Nothing can make up for that, but maybe I can brighten someone's day who perhaps has thoughtless children who love her (or him) but tend to put them on the back burner.

If I could live my life over, I would be nicer to my mother.




  1. That's a wonderful idea! (especially now with the lack of visitors)

  2. Donna, I think that’s a great idea having a pen pal. Letter writing is becoming a lost art. I loved getting letters from my granny. Gabby

  3. If I could live my life over, I would be nicer to my mother. Maybe even nicer to everyone. Good luck with your new project.

  4. I wish I could name a pen pal. I have one in mind. She is 90 and a retired teacher, but I need to ask her. Yes, I would be nicer to Momma too. We were always doing special stuff for Dad. Momma was always cleaning, sweeping, cooking as we were sitting visiting with Dad. I’m ashamed.

    1. Yes, the lady you have in mind would be perfect. Let me know if she agrees to it.

  5. What a great idea! When I was dating my soon to be wife from across an ocean for a couple years, I made an effort to either write her a letter or paint her a notecard sized painting. It really became addicting and she still has all of them in a chest but for some reason after we got married, I gave it up. I have thought about starting it again but never have... yet. I still harbor a dream of perhaps writing to my daughters when they leave home for college on a weekly basis or so. Mostly because I have several collections of letters that ancestors had written to their children while away at war that I find some enjoyable to read. Perhaps someday someone will stumble across them and treasure them as much as I do.

  6. What a fabulous idea to write to a shut in. I have no regrets over my mother and Dad. I spent as much time as possible with them, and am so thankful. But, we lived 10-15 miles away for a long time and then just 7 miles later on. Wendy

  7. Donna, you are a GOOD person to think of this idea. If I could live my life I've I would be more thoughtful and nicer to my mama too. I hope I'd be a whole lot nicer person period.


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