Monday, January 25, 2021

I always hated football

In 1975, we spent nine months living near Coffee, Missouri, trying to decide if we could become real farmers.  It didn't take long to figure out we were not cut out for that kind of grief, with the uncertain income making one go deeper into debt hoping for a better year.  We moved to Wellington, settled back into God's Country, and raised our kids.

But there was one lasting change made while we lived at Coffee:  Cliff, who had never cared about any professional sport, learned to love football.  Only one channel came in clearly, but Cliff, missing our friends 100 miles away and being able to find so little on television, decided he was going to start watching Monday Night Football and see what it was all about.  I had no desire to join him in this pursuit.  About the only thing I figured out during that time was that I hated Howard Cossell, with his know-it-all voice.  One time I went through the living room during a game, heard him talking as usual, and said, "Why don't you shut up, you can of crap!"  

Cliff thought that was hilarious.

I have dreaded football season ever since.  My husband looks forward to it, and I have not tried to rain on his parade.  I learned to find a good book and put on headphones playing classical music to cover the sound of the TV.  That way I could concentrate on my reading and we were both happy.  I did take enough interest in the Kansas  City Chiefs to ask sometimes if they were winning; they seldom were, but I did care whether they won or lost.  

In 2017 Patrick Mahomes showed up.  I took no notice of his arrival, because football was boring.  But in 2019, I couldn't help but notice what was happening on the screen, and decided to figure out how football works.  I still have a lot to learn, but I have watched every Chief's game for two seasons.  I love the personalities!  They make me laugh all the time.  Kelce's dances, all the little show-off moves the guys do when they do something special, Tyreek Hill's 22-miles-per-hour speed, and Patrick Mahomes' grace and genius (although I always fear he'll break something... he seems a little frail).

Cliff loves having someone beside him who enjoys football.  I had hoped my interest would make all football interesting for me, but alas, I just don't care who wins if the Chiefs aren't playing.  But I will tell you that some of the brightest spots during the pandemic, and some of the greatest joys ever, have happened when I was watching our Chiefs do their thing.

It was Patrick Mahomes who drew me in.  

But Andy Reid makes it work.

I love my Chiefs!


  1. What an evolution!!

  2. I have never liked football but I have several family members who are big fans! My husband has a slight interest and will always watch important games or the super bowl. Plus, I live in Michigan and our home team is the Detroit Lions! We have a lot of frustrated fans!

  3. I like football, but only if my team is playing, and preferably winning. I grew up with three athletic brothers, so I know more about sports than many guys, much less women.

  4. I follow the Chiefs too. When I was working at the radio stations as an ad salesperson, I sold a sports package which included something called the Chief's Caravan. People could sign up for a drawing and a chance to go in a bus to Kansas City and watch the Chief's game. I always got to go too to keep my winners together. Ir was great fun and I learned to follow the Chiefs. We also had a package called the Royal's Caravan and we did the same thing for winners of the drawings for a chance to take a bus trip to Kansas City to watch the Royals play.

  5. Congratulations on that Super Bowl slot! I don't care for football either, but I'd rather root for a young quarterback like Mahomes than an old guy like Tom Brady

  6. When it comes to the NFL, I'm very much a social watcher. I'll sit down with a group of friends and have a good time watching any game they are interested in. I know all the rules and can converse the language. But when at home, I would rather grab a book and read or binge watch some show I have never seen before.

  7. I discovered a love of football from the very scenario you described: antenna tv with little else that will come in clear. *haha* Another factor is that I knew football wouldn't be riddled with filthy half-naked scenes (yes, even back then I thought tv was a filth pit) and it was safe to turn on. It's funny because I don't know who I'm rooting for until both teams are on the field and I can see their uniforms. My favorite uniform out of the two is the teams I'm cheering on. *LOL* We can't get football anymore, on our tv, except for Thursday nights when it's free using Amazon Prime via our Fire Stick. ~Andrea xoxo

  8. Hey, Donna! I couldn't remember how to get ahold of you from my blog so thought I'd leave a comment here. I saw your comment and wanted to let you know you were right. I've hardly blogged at all since moving to Michigan but went ahead today and began a new one called "Have You Seen My Glasses?" The web address is It sure was nice hearing from you again! I've cut way back on FB too. Cleaned house a few years ago and keep in contact with those who are still relatively sane and sensible, haha! We're doing good. Glad to hear you are too.


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