Thursday, December 05, 2019

Oh ye of little faith

I apologize for the "poor me" post from yesterday.  As I've said before, there are concerns I really can't address publicly that involve someone dear to me, and it invades my thoughts often.  Being helpless in that situation makes my spirit sink with dismay and keeps me from seeing all things in perspective.  This will be my last time referring to it until it's all over.  Then I may explain, if possible.  It isn't anything about any family members, near or far.  

I need to get back to meditating awhile in the mornings.  It would be good for what ails me.

This morning I was doing my usual wakeup routine, catching up with Words With Friends.  My mood was in the dumpster.  Everything seemed hopeless, I thought, and now I had sunk money into one more useless printer.  As I sat there brooding, a question came to mind:  "Did I pray and ask God to help me figure out how to connect the printer?"

After all, I often tell Cliff how God helps me find stuff I've mislaid around the house.  Cliff chuckles about it; if he wasn't afraid I'd smack him, he'd probably reach over, pat my silly head, and say, "There, there.  You'll be OK."

So.  I thought back to the times prayers were answered and once again called God into the picture.  If the answer to my prayer was dependent on the amount of faith I had while praying, I'd still be sitting here sniveling and whining.  But God helped me in spite of the lack of faith.    

First I looked up some videos about installing the printer.  I did that yesterday, but I had not watched it patiently, with my full attention.  This morning I focused on the video, pausing it to consider each point before moving on.  I then took both the iPad and computer into the computer room, restarted the video on the iPad, and repeated each step as it came up, pausing it when I needed to.

In this manner I came across steps I had not followed properly yesterday and did those.  I still didn't have faith it would work, though.  

At the end, it seemed to have connected.  I found a poem I wrote years ago that I had recently sent to the father of a little girl my friend Carol and I once watched in the church nursery; the poem, written in 1992, was about that child .  Since it was on the desktop handy, I decided to try printing it.  The printer started clicking and whirring, and must have kept doing that for at least two minutes.  "It isn't going to work," I thought.  "I knew it wouldn't work."

BUT!!!!  Turns out this $20 computer simply works slowly, which is not a problem for me.  Finally out came the perfectly printed sheet of paper.

I had to apologize to God for my lack; I told him I'm pretty slow too, so this slow printer might be the perfect one for me.  And while my big concerns of late haven't been eased, except by my totally blocking them out when possible, I do have a printer that I can use without hooking it up to the computer with a wire or cable  The printer is in another room, but I can print anything from my computer while sitting in my easy chair in the living room.  I haven't tried printing from the iPad.  I can't see myself ever needing to do so.  But I downloaded the printer app, and it's nice to know I might be able to do that, at some point.  

Maybe God was just reminding me He can take care of the big, important things I worry about just as well as he can help me with a cheap printer.

Sorry about getting "preachy" here, but I have to give credit where credit is due.


  1. I can really relate to your post. Song of Solomon talks about the little foxes ruining the grapes and I think in day-to-day stuff it is the "little things" that don't seem that important in the whole scheme of things that really can ramp up the stress level and derail us. And yes, we often don't think to pray about those things. We might be more inclined to do that if we took Paul's admonition to "pray without ceasing".

  2. glad you got the printer to work. they can be complicated. i was printing family pictures for my mom and when i got to the last one the printer suddenly decided to stop talking to the computer. i wanted to pull my hair out. after about three hours my husband finally got it to work again. unfortunately it then ran out of ink. it's always something isn't it.

  3. Prayer is always the answer when things look impossible. God can do the impossible and take care of things so much better than I can. Never forget the power of prayer and keep the faith.

  4. I never did get my wireless printer to work, so I salute you. I hope that the situation you are concerned about works out for the best, whatever that happens to be. I have trouble seeing the big picture sometimes and make myself miserable over situations I can't change. I should probably meditate too.

  5. You're not being "preachy", girl.... you're giving your testimony which we're called by God to do. Your victory and its story may prompt someone else to do the same. God is smiling, I have a hunch. Love, Andrea xoxo

  6. I have asked God for help many times finding and fixing things and it has work for me. I'm a believer. Keep writing whatever you have to say I think it's helpful and I don't think you're preachy at all.

  7. I am surprised it was so complicated as most of the stuff today seems to set it up all alone, but then it may just disappear.
    I’ve had that happen with my printer. You are great with all the techie stuff. Give yourself a little credit, girl. Most of your readers know you are a genius even is you don’t re ognize it.

  8. Sometimes God just expects us to follow the instructions we are given carefully and that is what you just step at a time. We are the hands of God in the world. I think you have just learned that. :)...with the help of God's still small voice.

  9. I loved this post. Sometimes just the act of stopping to pray for something gives us the perspective and patience to figure out what we need to figure out. It is calming.


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