Monday, December 16, 2019

A walk in the snow

I hadn't gone for a walk for at least three days until this afternoon.  With the snow we got yesterday, plus a little more today, we have stayed in the house.  Oh, I've been outside to feed the cats, walk Gabe, and shovel off the sidewalk and porches.  Cliff hasn't found it necessary to step outside since yesterday morning, and that was just to take me to church, a trip I cancelled on the way there.  

I've really been catching up on my reading.  I finished the book Cliff insisted I read: "This is Going to Hurt" by Adam Kay; he's a British fellow who spent years becoming a doctor only to walk away from it after the grueling processes he went through with little sleep and very low pay.  There are a lot of laughs in his story, but it's also sad at times; it makes me wonder if it's ever safe to put yourself in a doctor's care.  

I've finally gotten back to reading "Tears in the Darkness" by Michael Norman; it's the book about the Bataan death march that I started reading perhaps six months ago, during the period when I couldn't get myself to settle down and read anything.  I'd return it so the people waiting for it could have their chance, while putting another hold on it so I could finish it later.  It would show up again on the iPad, I'd return it and place a hold again.  That's what I was doing with every book I started until I weaned myself off Facebook.  I'm zipping right through the books now, with John Grisham's latest, "The Reckoning", waiting in the wings.  We didn't care for his previous book, "The Rooster Bar", but this one sounds like something I'll enjoy.

I did go for a short walk this afternoon; I knew I wouldn't be able to do the whole course I normally walk, what with four or five inches of snow on the ground, plus the fact I was wearing Muck boots.  But it was good to get out in the fresh air for awhile.  I didn't take Gabe; he just went to the groomer last week and his hair is so short I was afraid it wouldn't be good for him.  I bought him a coat... yes, I've turned into THAT kind of dog owner... but he hates it.  I wish I'd gotten a sweater instead, because I think it would have been warmer, as well as more comfortable for him.  But for now, the coat will have to do.  Amazon has been getting too much of our money lately, and I intend to fix that.

Looks sort of like a little sausage wrapped in a bun, right?

Mama Kitty used to go on every walk with us.  I was surprised to see her join me today, though

Can you see all the varmint tracks leading to the pond?

I guess that's it for the day, since there's nothing going on around here except reading, eating, and sleeping.  Oh, and here's a thought:

P.S.  Cliff spent some time outside while I was composing this entry, and lived to tell about it.


  1. Good post. That’s all I got.

  2. The snow is so beautiful, but I don't like to drive in it, so I mostly stay home too. This past February we got a foot of snow, which is very unusual for us. I did take my Subaru out to put it through its paces. It did very well. I'm still scared to drive in it though. :) Like you, I prefer to take walks.

  3. We are getting into winter, so far I'm still in my fall fleece jacket. I had to laugh when I was at the vet's and the guy sitting next to told me in all seriousness it can get real bad here. Back in 91 they got FIVE inches of snow. So, we'll see ☺

  4. Sounds like a very nice day. We haven't got any of that snow yet, but they did a bit north of us. It rained all day, and we may get some snow mixed in with rain tonight and tomorrow.

  5. sounds like you had a nice walk. i love to look at snow, just hate driving in it. love the doggie coat. he looked quite dapper in it. reading is a pastime i love. but i need a new eyeglass prescription and have gotten out of the habit because of it. take care. we got 3 inches of snow yesterday and are expecting another 3 to 5 tomorrow.

  6. Glad you are reading again. I end up Doing audible on the road. Reading (listening to) Demi Moore autobiography and Sally Field is next.

  7. It's not the snow that keeps me in so much as the butter cold. The wind seems to blew it through me. Can't take that kind of weather also I stay in a lot. When I bundle up to keep warm, I feel bogged down with it all. I'll soon be counting the days until Spring. Sounds good to me!


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