Friday, September 23, 2011


Da Rev recently talked about his stats:  How many hits his blog has had up to now, where the readers come from, and so forth.  I took some screenshots of my stats to share with you.  (Click on the pictures to make them larger.)  
Notice that the post "Putting the canopy back on the 1855 Oliver" had 602 page views over a two-day period.  See the spike on the graph, over to the left?
That happened because I posted the link to that blog entry on Tractor Tales.  Those folks like to see what's going on with Cliff and his tractors, so once in a blue moon I'll share a post with them.  Now the thing that always surprises me is that there aren't that many people who actually converse on Tractor Tales.  Obviously, however, there are hundreds who read it and never say a word.  Cliff says, "Maybe they're like me and can't type."  
Anyhow, if I want my average stat count to jump immensely, that's all I have to do.  I have even picked up a few regular readers from amongst the Talers, and also some Facebook friends.

This shows the referring URLs for a week, and illustrates the same thing.  The reason the top graph has two sources at Yesterday's Tractors is that I posted the link to that entry on two different message boards:  Tractor Tales and the Oliver board.  
Many people come to my blog through a link saved to favorites, so they don't show a source at all.  For those of you who do that, just let me say I'm honored to be among your favorites.  

This shows the most popular posts of the last week.  "What do you do with old hankies" always gets some hits; it must be a common problem, trying to figure out what to do with all those hankies.  Usually "going barefoot all the time" brings a few people here throughout the week, too.  
Thanks to all of you who regularly take the risk of coming to this blog only to find nothing of interest... and yet you return and give me one more chance, again and again. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I want to take a look at my stats and see what brings people my way. I don't have any tractors, so I'm probably going to be disappointed. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!


I don't look at my stats. Maybe I should? Guess I'm not curious enough. Sounds like interesting stuff, though. I LOVE everything you write about. I usually check in here about half a dozen times throughout the day looking for new posts from you and reading updated comments to the old ones. I'm always excited when I see a new one.

krueth said...

I picked up your blog a while back and have no clue where I came from to find you! However, do enjoy reading your writings :-)...all of them are enjoyable! Wendy

Margaret said...

There are too many stats that are hidden these days. I love looking at the locations though--so interesting!! I come in through google reader, so does that show as google?

Donna. W said...

Yes, Margaret, you show up as coming from The stats I used in this entry are the ones from Blogger, but if you scroll far down below the j-land thing, you will see a teeny-tiny little green-and-white square. If you click on that, you can see my stats as Sitemeter reports them.

Lori said...

I've never come to your blog and found "nothing" of interest!

I think one of the most popular entries on my blog is the one about poke plants! lol