Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ole Darryl

Here you see Cliff and Donna's Good-Eats Buffet. Dinner is served.

In a recent entry, I talked about my new cell phone, and mentioned the strange calls I've been receiving day and night from people asking for Darryl.

The calls have tapered off, but I still get about one a week. I have two standard answers for these callers: for the guys, I say, "Oh, they've put ole Darryl away for a long time."

To the women (usually giggling airhead-types), I say, "You're going to have to find yourself a new pimp, because old Darryl's been put out of business."

So today, my cell phone rang. Because it was an unfamiliar number, I knew the caller would ask for Darryl. Unfortunately, I fumbled the phone and lost the call. They called back immediately, and again, I muffed answering the phone (what can I say, I'm a new cell phone user).

Third time is charm. A pleasant-sounding lady's voice said, "Is DJ there?"

"Oh, you must be looking for Darryl," I told her. "I believe he's been put away for good."

"Oh really? This is the Cass County Sheriff's office."

Oops. I began backpedaling very quickly. I told her my name, and explained all the mysterious calls I'd been getting.

"Do you happen to know his last name?" she asked.

Of course I don't. But I do believe my hunches about ole Darryl were correct.

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Mel said...

LMAO!!! Donna, I had a funny feeling as you were leading up to the name of the individual who was calling... that's funny! Sheesh.