Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not exactly what I had in mind

When I went to check on the cows this morning, Annie was having her breakfast.  I thought, "I'll bet city folks would enjoy a video of Annie nursing," and I began recording.  Thirty-nine seconds into the video, Babe began urinating.  At about the same time, a train approached the back of our property, and you'll hear that.  If you listen VERY closely, you will hear the plop plop plop of Jody, behind me, making a new cow-patty.
I could have edited the urinating-marathon out.  Feel free to only watch the first forty seconds if you like.  But I was fascinated at how long this cow went on relieving herself!  Can you imagine the size of her bladder?  As a matter of fact, I asked former butcher Cliff, "How big is a cow's bladder?"
"I don't know how big it would be if it was full," he told me, "but just looking at it, I'd say it would hold a gallon, and I'm sure it is bigger when it's full."

There was recently a strange problem on Youtube with my videos:  If you watched one, another started, and then another, ad nauseam.  If you were really bored and kept watching, you would end up seeing all one hundred videos I've made.  I found out how to fix that today, so it shouldn't happy any more.  There's a feature called "autoplay" I had accidentally selected at some point, and I turned that off.  (OK, I just found out I did NOT fix the problem!  Back to the drawing board.)
In the video, you will also see Mama Kitty, who followed me all the way back in the pasture.  She used to follow her little girl, Mariah, to the school bus every day; now she follows me on my walks.  


Hyperblogal said...

Cinema Verite

Mrs. L said...

I watched the whole thing!!! Do I get extra credit?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nature at it's best, for sure!