Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Chemo day

I invited myself on this trip.  Rachel only had two more sessions of chemo left, she's had chemo buddies at other times, and I wanted to go along this time.  
"Mom," she said, "you'll be bored."  
"No I won't," I told her.  "I have an Ipad."  
When I mentioned on Facebook that I was with my daughter while she was getting chemo, I got comments like this:  "You are such a WONDERFUL mom!"  
I was there because I wanted to go.  Rachel certainly didn't need me there.  The chemo doesn't start hurting until twenty-four hours after she's received it.  
I took a tote bag with my Ipad and other necessities.  Rachel had a whole backpack of stuff, a soft blanket to cover up with if she got cold, and a little cooler with bottles of water packed in ice, which I carried in.  

I felt like we were going camping, we were both so loaded down with stuff.  
The nurses amazed me:  They see many patients daily, and yet they remembered who Rachel was.  Rachel's favorite nurse even remembered that I burned my belly, because Rachel told her all about it a couple of months ago when it happened.  
We had picked up Subway sandwiches to eat while we were waiting.  Rachel had chips in her backpack and bottled water.  It was not only a campout, it was also like a picnic.  
Rachel drinks a lot of water, so of course she makes frequent trips to the bathroom.  This is the chair she frequently vacated.  

This is the stuff that is probably saving her life.  

By Friday night she will be feeling the effects of the remedy.  This coming weekend will not be a pleasant one for her.  Next week she will spend half her time at work, and the rest of her time at home in bed.  But there is only one more chemo treatment!  

So I said, on the way home, "After the next treatment your hair will start growing back."  
"Yes," she answered.  
"And," I said, "you are going to say, 'Losing my hair wasn't a big deal at all.'  Right?'"
"HELL  NO," Rachel answered, "I won't say that.  I hate losing my hair."  
"Really?  Even though you know it's going to grow back?"  
"I hate not having hair," she said, "because anywhere I go, people know I'm sick.  People know I have cancer.  I hate it."  
I am paraphrasing, but you get the idea.
I enjoyed spending the day with my daughter.  It was a good day.  
Thanks, Rachel, for taking me along.


Margaret said...

The hair loss is way easier for men! Glad you went and I'm sure she appreciated the support.

Hollie said...

I remember going withmy FIL to chemo treatments. It was such an experience for hubby & I. The nurses were awesome as they too remembered their patients! They did everything possible to make the experience better! My hert goes out to Rachel and the rest of you!!

Angela said...

I remember my aunt going through all that... and I have nothing else to add.

I'll be thinking of Rachel.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Am still praying that all will be well and after this chemo is'll be back to normal for Rachel. Although I doubt she'll ever look at things the same way again.

Carlene Noggle said...

God bless her heart..and God bless her mama's heart too.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I loved the sentence, "Next week she will start feeling the results of the remedy." What a great way to view chemo -- not as a chore or part of the disease -- but a remedy. And you are a super mom -- even if that doesn't include being part of the picnic at the chemo center. I love reading about your family. MGW

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Rachel is such a brave, bold, wonderful woman! Wonder where she gets that from? ;o) Love to you both. - Barbara